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Individual Official Marvel Handbook, Guidebook, and Files Book Discussion » Handbook announcement - Empyre Handbook » 1/26/2021 12:40 pm

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I wonder when and how it is decided to assign a number to a new alternate reality. For example, the Empyre Handbook has the entry for Captain Marvel talk about the alternate reality of Zeta Flight and Lord Starkill (Quill) for several sentences, which would seem like the perfect place to namedrop its number, yet that never happens. Neither did it show up on the Unofficial Appendix Master List, which publishes new numericals all the time.

So if the Handbook team is clearly aware of that alternate reality being unique, does that mean that giving it a numerical is simply not a priority for either the writing team or Marvel? Or was there some sort of delay in the regular process that led to that number being excluded from the Handbook?

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