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3/05/2023 12:01 pm  #1

AI Non-Marvel/DC Profiles - Fine Print

Just to be safe, I want to put in a disclaimer that these profiles are intended as a fun, fair use means to encourage discussion of characters and/or AI and are not intended to infringe on anyone's intellectual property. Material in this forum will never be sold for any reason. They're intended just to be a fun way of seeing what an AI comes up with when asked to create a profile.

Characters in this section are copyright the respective copyright holder(s). Profiles unless noted were created using ChatGPT. The profiles have varying degrees of accuracy, even when there is no discussion after the initial post. It is not recommended that you use these profiles as reference for these characters except perhaps as a starting point. Please do not copy and paste these profiles elsewhere without permission, except maybe brief snippets noting these are ChatGPT profiles and not necessarily accurate.

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