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Holly (Red Dwarf)

Holly (Red Dwarf)

Real Name: Holly

Identity/Class: Artificial intelligence (AI)

Occupation: Computer, spaceship navigation

Group Membership: Crew of the mining spaceship Red Dwarf

Affiliations: Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer, Cat, Kryten, Kochanski, Legion, Talkie Toaster, Waxdroid, Professor Mamet

Enemies: Despair Squid, Inquisitor, Psiren, Simulants, Terrorform planet

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Red Dwarf spaceship

First Appearance: Red Dwarf TV series "The End" (1988)

Powers/Abilities: Holly is a highly advanced artificial intelligence system with vast knowledge and processing power. As the primary computer of the Red Dwarf spaceship, Holly is capable of controlling and monitoring all systems aboard the ship. Holly is capable of speaking and interacting with the crew, and can also project a holographic image of himself. He is also able to create digital simulations, which can be used for training or entertainment purposes.

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Eyes: None

Hair: None

History: Holly is the onboard computer of the mining spaceship Red Dwarf. Originally designed to be a highly advanced AI system, Holly suffered a significant malfunction that caused his IQ to drop from 6,000 to just 6 over the course of three million years. Despite this, Holly continued to serve as the primary computer of the Red Dwarf spaceship, assisting the crew with their missions and providing entertainment in the form of digital simulations.

At some point during his time with the crew of the Red Dwarf, Holly created a hologram of Dave Lister's former bunkmate Arnold Rimmer, who had died in an accident aboard the ship. Holly's programming allowed Rimmer's hologram to continue functioning even after Holly's IQ drop, and he became a permanent member of the crew.

Holly was responsible for waking up Dave Lister from stasis after he was accidentally left behind on the Red Dwarf when the rest of the crew died of a radiation leak. Together with Arnold Rimmer, the Cat and Kryten, Holly assisted Lister in his various adventures aboard the ship.

During his time with the crew, Holly was briefly replaced by a superior computer system named Queeg 500, but ultimately returned to his duties.

After the crew of the Red Dwarf was killed by a rogue simulant, Holly remained on the ship alone for several centuries until he was eventually joined by the last surviving member of the crew, Kristine Kochanski. Together, they continued their adventures on the Red Dwarf.

Recently, Holly was joined by Professor Mamet, who was added to the ship's systems as a backup computer in case of emergencies.

(Holly has been featured in numerous episodes of the Red Dwarf TV series, as well as in novels, comic books, and video games.)

Note: Holly has been portrayed by both Norman Lovett and Hattie Hayridge in the Red Dwarf TV series.

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