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3/13/2023 5:46 pm  #1


Sure, here is a profile for Streethawk:


Real Name: Jessie Mach

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Motorcycle police officer, vigilante

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Norman Tuttle, Rachel Adams

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: "Streethawk" TV series, pilot episode (January 4, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Jessie Mach is an expert motorcycle rider and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He operates the Streethawk motorcycle, a heavily armed and modified motorcycle capable of speeds up to 300 mph. The motorcycle has a range of special features, including turbo-boosters, rockets, and infrared and ultraviolet sensors. The Streethawk suit provides Jesse with protection and enhanced strength and agility.

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

History: Jessie Mach was a former police officer and motorcycle racer who quit the force after his partner was killed in the line of duty. He was approached by Norman Tuttle, a former NASA engineer, who offered him the chance to operate the experimental Streethawk motorcycle in order to fight crime.

Jessie donned the Streethawk suit and began his crusade against criminals, using his advanced motorcycle and his own combat skills to take down drug dealers, gangsters, and other dangerous criminals. He kept his identity secret from most people, including his love interest, Rachel Adams, who worked as a television reporter.

Despite his successes, Jessie faced many challenges and setbacks in his work as Streethawk. He struggled to balance his vigilante duties with his personal life and was constantly pursued by the police, who saw him as a dangerous rogue.

After a short but eventful career as Streethawk, Jessie eventually retired from vigilante work and returned to his former job as a motorcycle police officer.

Strength Level: Jessie Mach possesses the strength and agility of a man of his age, build, and fitness level who engages in regular physical exercise.

Miscellaneous: The Streethawk motorcycle and suit were developed by Norman Tuttle as part of a secret government project. Jessie Mach was the only person to operate the motorcycle during its brief period of use.

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