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3/18/2023 9:26 am  #1

Rom (IDW)


Aliases: None

Identity: Rom is a robotic alien with a highly advanced artificial intelligence.

Occupation: Spaceknight, former Galadorian Protector

Base of Operations: Mobile, formerly Galador

First Appearance: ROM #0 (July 2016)

History: In the IDW continuity, Rom is a Spaceknight from the planet Galador who was sent to Earth to stop the Dire Wraiths, shape-shifting aliens who had infiltrated Earth's population. Rom arrived on Earth and was immediately attacked by a team of G.I. Joe operatives, who mistook him for a hostile alien.

With the help of the human scientist Doctor Soloman, Rom was able to convince the Joes of his true mission and began to work with them to hunt down and eliminate the Dire Wraiths. Along the way, Rom encountered other heroes such as the Transformers and the Micronauts, and formed alliances with them to stop the Wraiths.

In the aftermath of the war, Rom was forced to sacrifice himself to stop a rogue faction of Spaceknights who had turned on Galador. However, his legacy lived on, as his technology was used to create a new generation of Spaceknights.

Powers/Abilities: Rom possesses a variety of advanced technological abilities, including enhanced strength, agility, and durability. He also has a powerful energy blast, a universal translator, and the ability to fly and travel through space. Rom's cyborg body is highly resistant to most forms of damage and can repair itself over time.

Equipment: Rom is equipped with a variety of advanced weapons and devices, including a neutralizer gun that can disintegrate Dire Wraiths and their illusions, a translator device that allows him to communicate with any language, and a jetpack that allows him to fly.

Weaknesses: Rom's life energy is limited, and he must periodically return to Galador in order to recharge. He is also vulnerable to magic, which can disrupt his advanced technology.

Threat Level: Galactic-Level

Notes: In the IDW continuity, Rom is a Spaceknight who fought to protect Earth from the Dire Wraiths. His adventures brought him into contact with a variety of other heroes and villains from the IDW universe, and he played a key role in the formation of the new generation of Spaceknights.

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