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4/07/2023 8:08 pm  #1

Harold Shand

Name: Harold Shand

Aliases: None known

Occupation: Crime boss, entrepreneur

Identity: Publicly known

Legal status: Citizen of the United Kingdom

Place of birth: London, England

Marital status: Married to Victoria Shand

Known relatives: Victoria Shand (wife)

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: London, England

First appearance: "The Long Good Friday" (1980 film)

History: Harold Shand is a notorious crime boss and entrepreneur who rose to power in the criminal underworld of London, England. He is known for his ruthless and cunning nature, as well as his ambition to expand his criminal empire.

Harold started his criminal career at a young age, working his way up through the ranks of organized crime in London. He quickly gained a reputation for his business acumen and his ability to manipulate people and situations to his advantage. He built a vast criminal network that includes illegal gambling, smuggling, and protection rackets, among other criminal activities.

Harold's most ambitious project was the redevelopment of the London Docklands, a rundown area of the city that he saw as a potential goldmine. He invested heavily in the area, bribing officials, and making alliances with other criminal organizations to secure his plans. However, his grand vision was threatened when a series of attacks and betrayals put his empire at risk.

Throughout his criminal career, Harold has faced numerous challenges, including rival gangs, law enforcement, and internal power struggles. He has proven to be a cunning and resourceful leader, willing to do whatever it takes to protect his interests and maintain his position of power.

Powers and abilities: Harold Shand is a master manipulator and strategist. He has an astute business sense and a talent for organizing and managing criminal operations. He is skilled in negotiation, intimidation, and coercion, and is not afraid to use violence to achieve his goals. Harold is also known for his charisma and charm, which he uses to win over allies and maintain his public image.

Equipment: Harold often carries a gun for self-defense and uses various resources and connections within the criminal underworld to his advantage. He also employs a network of loyal henchmen who carry out his orders and protect his interests.

Weaknesses: Harold's criminal activities are illegal and constantly under scrutiny by law enforcement. He is vulnerable to police investigations and rival gangs seeking to undermine his power. His ruthless and sometimes violent nature can also alienate potential allies, making him enemies within and outside of his criminal organization.

Notes: Harold Shand is a complex and enigmatic figure, respected and feared in the criminal underworld of London. His ambition and cunning have allowed him to rise to the top of the criminal hierarchy, but his illegal activities and ruthless methods also make him a target for law enforcement and rival criminals alike. His story is one of crime, ambition, and intrigue, as he navigates the dangerous world of organized crime in his quest for power and wealth.

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Re: Harold Shand

I wanted to make sure I posted this one before Good Friday was over. It's worth noting that he was about to make a deal with American mobsters and that it was specifically the IRA that was targeting his organization.

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