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4/12/2023 6:10 pm  #1

Abe Lincoln (Clone)

Name: Abe Lincoln

Real Name: Abraham Lincoln

Aliases: None

Occupation: High school student

Identity: Public

Legal status: Citizen of the United States

Place of origin: Earth

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation: Clone High School

Base of operations: Clone High School, USA

First appearance: "Clone High" (TV series, 2002-2003)

History: Abe Lincoln is a high school student and one of the main characters in the animated TV series "Clone High." As his name suggests, he is a clone of the historical figure Abraham Lincoln. Abe is depicted as a tall, lanky, and somewhat awkward teenager with a penchant for honesty and social justice.

Abe is portrayed as a charismatic and idealistic leader, often standing up for what he believes in and fighting for the rights of clones everywhere. He is passionate about causes such as civil rights and equality, and he often finds himself caught in conflicts between his personal convictions and the expectations of those around him.

Powers and abilities: Abe Lincoln does not possess any superhuman powers. However, he is portrayed as an eloquent and persuasive speaker, capable of rallying others to his cause. He also demonstrates above-average physical strength and endurance, likely due to his clone DNA.

Equipment: Abe does not use any specific equipment, but he is often seen wearing his signature tall hat, which serves as an iconic visual element of his character design.

Weaknesses: Abe's idealistic nature and unwavering commitment to his beliefs can sometimes lead him into trouble or cause conflict with others. He can be impulsive and prone to making rash decisions without fully considering the consequences. Additionally, as a teenager, he may face typical challenges and vulnerabilities associated with adolescence, such as peer pressure, romantic relationships, and self-identity struggles.

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