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4/12/2023 6:23 pm  #1

David St. Hubbins

Name: David St. Hubbins

Real Name: David Ivor St. Hubbins

Aliases: None

Occupation: Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Spinal Tap

Identity: Public

Legal status: Citizen of the United Kingdom

Place of origin: United Kingdom

Marital status: Divorced

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation: Spinal Tap

Base of operations: United States

First appearance: "This is Spinal Tap" (mockumentary film, 1984)

History: David St. Hubbins is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the fictional heavy metal band Spinal Tap. He is portrayed as a charismatic and passionate musician who is deeply committed to his music and bandmates. David is known for his distinctive British accent, flamboyant style, and colorful stage presence.

As the frontman of Spinal Tap, David is responsible for leading the band and performing vocals for their songs. He is often seen as the face of the band and the one who interacts with the media and fans. David is also known for his love for rock and roll lifestyle, including his relationships with women, partying, and indulging in excesses.

Powers and abilities: David St. Hubbins does not possess any superhuman powers. However, he is portrayed as a skilled vocalist and guitarist, with a strong stage presence and performance skills.

Equipment: David typically uses a variety of electric guitars and amplifiers during Spinal Tap performances, known for his distinctive "Sustainer" guitar. He also wears elaborate costumes and accessories on stage, often reflecting the band's exaggerated rock and roll image.

Weaknesses: David's passion for music and rock and roll lifestyle may lead to reckless behaviors, such as indulging in excesses, neglecting personal relationships, and making impulsive decisions. He may also face challenges with managing the pressures of fame and maintaining a stable career in the music industry.

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