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Note: See Clifford for my first attempt at a George profile.

I apologize for the confusion. Thank you for clarifying. Here's the profile for "George," the St. Bernard from the 1972 movie and TV series:

Real Name: George
Aliases: The Bumbling St. Bernard
Identity: Public
Occupation: Family Pet, Bumbling Companion
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Unspecified
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Newton Family
Education: N/A
First Appearance: George! (1972) - Movie
History: George, the lovable St. Bernard, first made his appearance in the 1972 movie George! The film centered around the comedic and heartwarming misadventures of a bumbling St. Bernard who unwittingly creates chaos wherever he goes. His interactions with the Newton family led to a series of humorous and endearing situations.

Following the success of the movie, George! was adapted into a TV series that continued to showcase George's humorous escapades and his unintentional knack for creating comedic chaos. Throughout the TV series, George's boundless energy, playful antics, and affectionate nature endeared him to audiences.

Height: Variable (Standard St. Bernard size)
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White and Brown
Abilities: George possesses the typical characteristics of a St. Bernard, including a friendly temperament, loyalty to his family, and a natural instinct to help. While he doesn't possess any extraordinary abilities, his interactions and comedic timing provide entertainment for viewers.

Accessories: George typically does not wear any accessories, as he is a classic St. Bernard.

Notable Appearances:

    George! (1972) - Movie
    George! (1972-1973) - TV Series

George's legacy lies in his role as a beloved family pet and the source of laughter and heartwarming moments for audiences in the early 1970s. The character's innocence and charm, coupled with his amusing misadventures, left a lasting impact on viewers who remember him fondly to this day.

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Re: George

George's human family were the Hunters and they lived in Switzerland. As a St. Bernard, his citizenship is probably inapplicable.

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