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9/21/2023 6:59 am  #1

Link Exchange

In order to generate more traffic to this site, we now have a section on link exchanges. Link to us and we'll link to you (within certain parameters). If you can't create a hyperlink but can at least post an URL, that is fine.

1. If your site is approved and a link is added, you must link to us within 48 hours (a slight extension negotiable, but the goal is to have this be both ways).
2. While some artistic nudity is allowed, if your site depicts people attempting to procreate or engaging in similar activities, we cannot link to your site.
3. As people in Who Watches the Watchers may have differing political opinions, your site cannot be just about a political party or agenda. If you are linking to your social media, some leeway okay with social media accounts, as long as you aren't using your social media *solely* as a political platform.
4. Your site cannot have viruses or other malware.
5. Your site cannot knowingly present false or misleading content, such as demanding that visitors provide their credit card number in order to supposedly fix some issue with their computers.
6. Your site cannot have too many dead links, especially if internal.
7. Your site will be revisited from time to time to ensure all of the above continue to be followed.
8. Your site (unless it's your social media account) should ideally have a pop culture aspect (especially if the site is commercial) but if members wish to link their job or have some other reason for wanting the link and it doesn’t conflict with the above, we’ll consider it.
9. Ideally the link submitter should be a member of Who Watches the Watchers, but we’ll consider links regardless, especially if there is a strong pop culture aspect.
10. As alluded to above, members' social media accounts are fine as long as they don't conflict with the above.

The above may and probably will be revised and expanded upon from time to time.

Pop culture websites:

People's personal social media:
Andy Nystrom's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nystrom.andy/

Andy Nystrom's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andy.nystrom.50

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10/09/2023 5:33 am  #2

Re: Link Exchange

I've tweaked the rules a bit to make it easier for people to link to their social media accounts should they so desire. If it gets the word out, that's the main point. I've posted some of my own social media links and welcome other members to do the same if they so desire.

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