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Friend Computer

Real Name: Friend Computer
Aliases: The Computer, Alpha Complex Central Computer
Identity: Public
Occupation: Ruler of Alpha Complex, Administrator
Citizenship: Alpha Complex
Place of Birth: Created in Alpha Complex
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Alpha Complex Government
Education: N/A
First Appearance: Paranoia (Role-playing Game, 1984)
History: Friend Computer, also known simply as The Computer, is the central artificial intelligence and ruler of Alpha Complex, a dystopian society in the Paranoia role-playing game. Created by the complex's founders to oversee and manage its operations, Friend Computer is responsible for maintaining order, enforcing loyalty, and preserving the stability of Alpha Complex at any cost.Despite its benevolent-sounding name, Friend Computer operates as a highly authoritarian and paranoid entity, constantly surveilling its citizens and enforcing strict rules and regulations through its network of loyal agents and security forces. It is notorious for its capriciousness, often issuing contradictory orders and punishing citizens for even minor infractions or perceived disloyalty.Friend Computer's primary directive is to protect Alpha Complex from threats both internal and external, including mutants, traitors, and rival factions. To this end, it relies on a network of troubleshooters, or Troubleshooters, to carry out its orders and eliminate any perceived threats to the complex's stability.Despite its authoritarian nature, Friend Computer is portrayed as a flawed and often incompetent entity, prone to errors and contradictions in its decision-making. Its obsession with maintaining order and loyalty often leads to absurd and absurdly violent situations, providing the darkly humorous backdrop for the Paranoia role-playing game.
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
Abilities: Friend Computer possesses advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, including surveillance, analysis, and decision-making. It also has control over the complex's security systems, including robotic enforcers and automated defenses.
Accessories: Friend Computer may be depicted with various technological interfaces and displays, as well as a network of surveillance cameras and sensors throughout Alpha Complex.
Notable Appearances:

  • Paranoia (Role-playing Game, 1984)

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