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1/10/2020 3:49 pm  #1

Wolverine, Punisher & Ghost Rider: Official Index to the Marvel Unive7

Historical text from Comixfan:
Andy E. Nystrom

Nov 21, 2011, 09:36 pm

• Watch history unfold as Marvel’s official chronicles continue!
• Synopses for dozens of comics - covering heroes, villains, teams and equipment, and providing vital chronological and behind- the-scenes information!
64 PGS./Rated T+ ... $3.99

Ghost Rider apparently finished by this point. No word on the first series, but the second Punisher War Journal is shown on the draft cover

Andy E. Nystrom

Feb 22, 2012, 08:00 pm

This issue hits the mother load in terms of having a number of different titles covered

Punisher: Frank Castle MAX (2009) 71-75
Wolverine/Punisher (2004) 1-5
Punisher: Red X-Mas (2005) 1
Daredevil vs. Punisher (2005-2006) 1-6
Punisher: Silent Night (2006) 1
Punisher vs. Bullseye (2006) 1-5
Punisher: Bloody Valentine (2006) 1
Punisher: X-Mas Special (2007) 1
Punisher War Journal (2007-2009) 1-26
Punisher War Journal Annual (2009) 1
Punisher: War Zone (2009) 1-6
Punisher (2009-2010) 1-12
Punisher Annual (2009) 1
Dark Reign: The List - Punisher (2009) 1
Wolverine (2004-2008) 21-65
Wolverine: Saudade (2006) nn
Giant-Size Wolverine (2006) nn
Wolverine Annual (2007-2008) 1-2
Wolverine: Firebreak (2008) nn
Wolverine: The Amazing Immortal Man and Other Bloody Tales (2008) nn
Wolverine: Dangerous Games (2008) nn
Wolverine: Killing Made Simple (2008) nn
Wolverine: Chop Shop (2009) nn

Nice touch having the middle cover reproduction be Wolverine vs. Punisher

Andy E. Nystrom

Feb 22, 2012, 09:33 pm

A few comments at first glance:

Punisher War Journal#1: It should be noted that there's a B&W variant
Punisher War Journal#1-2: re: the variant covers that say "How I Won the War": that's an allusion to the 1967 film starring John Lennon.
Punisher War Journal#4: This issue may be an homage to Captain America#319, in which another villain killer, Scourge also infiltrated a gathering of super-villains disguised as the bartender
Punisher#1 2nd Story: It's not noted where the excerpted panels are from.
Punisher#10: In Punisher and Henry Russo's chronologies, DRLPun should be listed as #1. Also, I'm tempted not to mention this, but for completeness sake, Punisher's family should be mentioned in their chronology as apparently revived and die again (not a favourite scene of mine but that's what was depicted)
Punisher#11: I Punsiher's chronology, DRLPun should be listed as '09, not '10 and should have #1 (Henry Russo's chronology has it right).
Wolverine#43: Nitro's last appearance is not listed.

Sidney Osinga

Mar 2, 2012, 09:02 pm

For Punisher vs. Bullseye #5, Rosalo Patrillo isn't listed in the Other Characters section.

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