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2/02/2020 9:22 am  #1

AAU Shuperstar

Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases:  None
Occupation: Adventurer, shoe mascot
Identity: Apparently secret, though he doesn’t seem to disguise his face.
Citizenship: USA
Place of Birth: Unrevealed
Known Relatives: None
Education: Unrevealed
Height: 6’
Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
First Appearance:  AAU Shuperstar Flattens his Arch Enemy… The Menacing Missile-Toe, ad appearing in the backs of DC Comics (1977)
History: On a rooftop, Missile-Toe fired toe-main poison at the AAU Shupsterstar. The Shuperstar let the poison hit his right shoe, then kicked Missile-Toe with his left shoe. Even though it was his other shoe that he kicked Missile-Toe with, this caused Missile-Toe to fade to his apparent death. At a discotheque, the Shuperstar encountered Dirty Sneakers. Once he realized that Dirty Sneakers was going to trigger a death ray with the start of the song Stayin’ Alive, the Shuperstar kicked him into outer space, seeming killing him as well.
After the Sinister Sole stole miracle medicine from young Tommy in his hospital room, the AAU Shuperstar ran after him and grabbed the Sole by his cape and retrieved the medicine. With the Sole collapsing in defeat, the Shuperstar returned the medicine to Tommy and his mother.
Abilities/Accessories: The AAU Shuperstar is able to leap large distances, though it’s unclear how far he can jump in a single leap. He appeared to be able to cause Missile-Toe to fade from existence with a kick, but this may have been an artistic error (wrong foot) and possibly it was the kick coupled with Missile-Toe’s own poison that caused this effect. Regardless, he has the ability to kick opponents into outer space. His feet have a degree of invulnerability, able to intercept a poisonous missile without damaging his feet or his shoes. The Shuperstar also possesses superhuman speed, but since his sole recorded use of the power was when his opponent was still in the vicinity, it’s difficult to determine how fast he is.
The AAU Shuperstar claims to be able to detect evil, which he calls his “shupernatural powers”, but his one use of this ability was when his opponent had just bragged about his plot out loud. Similarly, the AAU Shuperstar’s claims that his powers come from his shoes also seem unlikely, given that there have been no other recorded instances of people gaining superhuman abilities from wearing AAU shoes. More likely his power comes from some other source but as a mascot to AAU, he credited their shoes with his powers.
As with his opponents, he is skilled at making shoe related puns.
Power Numbers
Intelligence: 3
Strength: 2/5*
Speed: 4
Durability: 3/6*
Energy Projection: 1
Fighting Skills: 4

*Higher numbers are for his feet and/or shoes.

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2/02/2020 9:27 am  #2

Re: AAU Shuperstar

I used online sources to look at the ads. The Missile-Toe ad was definitely first, with the 1977 date at the bottom. The other two ads both say 1978 so I may have them reversed. I took a guess and put Dirty Sneakers next because the Sinister Sole ad seems toned down a bit. The AAU Shuperstar murders his opponent in the Missile-Toe and Dirty Sneakers ads, while the Sinister Sole ad has him spearing his enemy and retrieving medicine for a kid, suggesting a tonal shift. I used the last panel of the Dirty Sneakers ad to guess he height; he seemed about the height of the tallest youth. The eye colour was a guess.You can't really see his eyes all that well, but the ad makers seemed to be going for the blond hair blue eye effect.

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2/02/2020 6:08 pm  #3

Re: AAU Shuperstar

Norrnally I wouldn't add another comment this soon before anyone else has commented but I find myself obsessing a bit about these ads. Just how was it decided that in a marketing campaign to sell shoes it would be a good idea to convey that message that if you buy these shoes, you can use them to murder criminals?

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