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2/16/2020 8:29 am  #1

Definitive Reference Works on TV Series

This thread is to list off what people might consider definitive books on TV series. For purposes of this list, these are books that cover a particular topic (usually an individual movie or movie franchise) in so much depth that it's hard to imagine a better print work on the topic. I might do a similar thread later for DVD/Blu-Ray etc. bonus features including Commentary tracks, but for this thread, focus on print works on the movies. If enough people contribute, I'll add their recommendations to the first post with a note on who recommended it. List movie/movie franchise (or comparable topic) first, then the work, then why you think it's definitive.

Note that since most TV series have numerous episodes, it's arguably possible to have two definitive works on a show, one devoted to the behind the scenes making of the show and one devoted to critical analysis of each episode.. Both I think are valid takes on the subject, as long as they're in depth.

To start:
Breaking Bad 101 by Alan Sepinwell: This critical analysis of each episode will make you appreciate the level of detail in Breaking Bad even further, with lots of colour photos. I hope he does the same for Better Call Saul once that series ends. No photos but lots of critical analysis.
A Dream Given Form by Ensley F. Gulley and K. Dole Koontz: Similar look at Babylon 5. as the Breaking Bad 101. Again no photosbut lots of critical analysis.
Love to Love You Brady by Ted Nichelson, with lots of sidebars by Susan Olsen: This is an in depth look at, not the Brady Bunch, not the Brady Kids even, but the Brady Bunch Variety Hour. Probably the most in depth look you'll ever find on this failed TV series because no one else is likely to even try.
Mad Men Carousel by Matt Zoller Seitz: Similar look at Mad Men as the Breaking Bad 101. Again no photos (and some episodes get merged) but lots of critical analysis.

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