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1/04/2020 9:09 pm  #1

Changed Premises

Historical text from Comixfan (separating into two posts because I plan to update this first post periodically):

Andy E. Nystrom

Aug 19, 2013, 11:49 am

Since it comes up a fair bit, I thought that someone should start a thread on things that were correct at one point but generally aren't seen as correct. These aren't necessarily things that people get wrong; in fact often people don't seem to even realize the original version. It's also not a case of the writer getting it wrong either; it's just that they or another writer later changed things.

For now I'll leave out deaths because that's a whole can of worms in of itself, but I may later consider them in cases like Norman Osborn where the evidence is overwhelming that he was originally supposed to be truly dead.

I'm also leaving out cases of "That wasn't really ____"; there's been too many cases of one writer being protective of a character and retconning away appearances somehow, and I don't want those to bog down the list either.

I've divided this list into two categories: major plot points and minor one-offs (often involving Stan Lee that are brought up but never mentioned again). The latter generally are never mentioned again. Only a few for now but feel free to suggest things and we'll see how this list evolves.

So, let's get started. let's see what you can all come up with!


Ted Sallis was originally just dating Linda when he was transformed into the Man-Thing. Later they were depicted as having been married at the time.

Ka-Zar was originally depicted as not being able to speak English very well. That was later revealed to be an act.

The residents of Titan were originally seen as related to the Greek gods (and apparently creator Jim Starlin still treats them as such). However, the official continuity is that they are related to the Eternals.


Invisible Girl once called Reed Richards the world's foremost expert on judo.

Iceman had the one-time power to create not just ice but other ingredients of ice cream.

Donald Blake once was not just a medical doctor but a scientist able to build his own android.

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1/04/2020 9:10 pm  #2

Re: Changed Premises

The rest of the historical text from Comixfan:


Aug 19, 2013, 12:46 pm

Wonder Man (Simon Williams) originally was framed for the embezzelment his brother Eric (Grim Reaper) did; later it changed and Simon who was the criminal in this situation, not his brother.

Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) originally was just a widow who used her grief over her husband's death and loyalty to her country to help her native Russia by becoming a spy, and she only had the training they briefly gave her at that time (1960's) and she did not have any varient of the Super-Soldier serum.

Quicksilver (Pietro) originally (at least by him with no contradictions from his sister) was the eldest of the twins and hence his paternal outlook towards his twin Wanda (Scarlet Witch). Later Wanda would reveal that she was actually older by a few minutes. Much later we would see Bova's memories of the birth. Pietro was already born and on a table and it appeared as if Wanda had just been born and Bova was holding her (as Wanda shimmered with Chthon's Power) as Bova was about to place her on the same table next to Pietro.

The Human Torch (Johnny Storm) once hurled Blue-Flame-Balls at an opponent, used a Blue-Flame Lasso as well as using a White Heat blast. None of the three were ever seen again.

Invisible Girl (Sue Richards) once used an Invisible Force Screen to simultaneously make invisible and shield Mr. Fantastic as he rescued the Thing. This was at a time when Sue could only use one of her powers at a time. This combo-power of Sue's was not seen again.

Invisible Girl (Sue Storm) once used Judo on Dr. Doom and flipped him (armor and all)! (I believe this was when she stated that Reed was the world's foremost authority on judo.

William Keogh

Aug 19, 2013, 01:10 pm

Peggy Carter originally referred to as Sharon Carter's sister, then retconned to niece, because of the passage of time.

Zach Kinkead

Aug 19, 2013, 09:03 pm

I miss the fully functional webbing constructs from the Ditko Spider-Man days. Heck, in the original cartoon he was basically Green Lantern (“I know, I’ll make a speedboat…somehow”)

Namor used to have a ton of fish-related powers he never uses anymore. I smiled that time in the original New Warriors series where his cousin mimicked his seldom-seen electrical absorption/projection powers. Of course, swelling like a blowfish isn’t exactly dignified behavior for Atlantian royalty.


Aug 20, 2013, 12:03 pm

Quicksilver (Pietro), after being a member of the Avengers for several years, had suddenly developed the power of flight! By vibrating his legs/ankles he could assume flight for limited duration and at low altitude.

However, by the next issue, this power was forgotten! We have never seen nor heard anything about it since, even with all the power-ups and power maturation that has happened since that initial appearance of the flight power. I don't think the Handbooks even mention it.

When Jean Grey became The Phoenix, her power-set initially seemed to be totally different than what they had been as Marvel Girl and what they would later become as Phoenix. (This is at the time she fought Firelord.) Jean was throwing energy bolts that hurled Firelord 12 miles from NY into NJ and even the info box stated that her Cosmic Powers "were backed by the power of the sun itself!"

This first appearance after the transformation showed Phoenix Jean as having red skin, white eyes, longer wilder hair and an energy glow about her body. While this look changed to what we now think of as Jean as Phoenix during the very next issue with the space story and the Imperial Guard, it was her powers that changed the most, becoming a cosmically enhanced version of telepathy and telekinesis. No mention of cosmic powers, energy bolts nor the sun playing any part of her powers.

And while sometime later, when Jean became The Dark Phoenix and absorbed Storm's lightning bolt, DP hurled some type of energy back at Storm, defeating her. Cyclops thinks: "Black Flames consuming her soul...with mystical allusions I don't understand!" This was never seen again nor explained.

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