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3/14/2021 1:18 am  #1

Stormhaven Castle

Marvel location.

The base of Freelance Investigations, oft-times home of Shang-Chi. Per Master of Kung-Fu #73 is is located on moors in Scotland, but in MoKF#76, we also learn that it is near Cupar in Fife. For those not familiar with Scottish geography, this would put it between Dundee and Edinburgh, on the eastern side of Scotland, somewhere not too distant from St. Andrews. In the real world, Ceres Moor is near Cupar, so that might be a likely candidate. A map in MoKF#94 slightly contradicts this, placing it on the fictional Flamemoss Moor (not a problem) near Central Scotland (slightly contradicting the other clues). Since the map's placement is so very general, I'd say the more specific clue in #76 should win out.



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