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3/28/2022 6:10 pm  #1

Many Happy Returns

This thread is intended to parallel the Omniverse thread but isn't about actual ties to the Omniverse. The idea here is to note returns of characters in interesting ways. Ideally most cases would be ones where most people don't even know a character returned somewhere, but it's okay to note announced returns if you have any interesting take on the return.

Such returns can fall under two broad categories:
1. The return is self-contained and doesn't reveal a connection to a larger continuity. In this case, describe the return however you like.
2. The return ties things to another continuity. In such instances, to avoid overlap[ with Omniverse threads, explain what's interesting about the return beyond the Omniverse aspects.

Other rules:
1. Same version. Superman showing up somewhere isn't terribly interesting, but the return of the Christopher Reeve Superman is.
2 The reappearance must be at least one of the following: after a long absence or be somewhat obscure.
3. Try to keep same major continuity  stuff like C3P0 and R2D2 returned in the latest trilogy to a minimum unless you have something interesting to say. While there's some leeway is you notice something fun, the focus should be on the unexpected, not the expected.
4. Despite rule 3, go ahead and list off minor characters returning in the same broad continuity, if you'd like as they're more unexpected. Just explain what's interesting.
5. To summarize then, this isn't meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather a discussion of the more exciting stuff.

Here are a couple of examples to start:

Rhoda Penmark, the titular little girl/daughter in the movie The Bad Seed (1956) returned in Mommy (1995) and Mommy 2: Mommy's Day (1997), now a mother herself. While the character uses a different name in the 1990s movies, IIRC that writer/director Max Alan Collins has confirmed it's the same character, played in both by Patty McCormack

The Christopher Reeve version of Superman returned for the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, though the continuity is a bit complicated. The Superman from Superman Returns was played by Brandon Routh and director/co-writer Bryan Singer said that only the first movie was canon for his sequel. However, in Crisis, Superman is again played by Routh, but alludes to Superman III. That being the case, it is likely that despite the actor, this the first time this particular incarnation had been seen since Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, not Superman Returns, with the latter a divergent timeline.

The timeline seen in Crisis is itself erased and replaced with a new one (still with Routh) at the end of Crisis, undoing the deaths of Lois, etc.


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3/31/2022 5:06 pm  #2

Re: Many Happy Returns

Spoilers to last week's Star Trek: Picard. i won't list every Trek return but this one was particularly interesting:

In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Kirk and Spock are on a then-modern era bus while a punk plays the song I Hate You too loudly. When Kirk demands he turn it off, he flips Kirk off, only to be nerve pinched unconscious by Spock.

In Picard, Seven of Nine and Raffi riding a bus and the same punk is playing I Still Hate You. Seven demands he turn the music off. He feels the area where he was pinched three decades earlier, turns off the music, and apologizes.

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