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12/11/2022 10:13 am  #1

Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

The Dark Forbush Man of Earth-666666666 from the main comics Earth's perspective, Earth-199999 from the MCU's perspective. Earth-Minus 616 from Earth-Ecch's perspective, and Earth-Four (emphasizing the th and the F) from the Electric Company's perspective has captured at least 3569 characters from across the Megaverse and placed them in an unknown number of locations, possibly nine. You can fire up to 40 shots per day to rescue them. Bonus shots hidden throughout the board. 20 questions per day, and bonus shots can be used to boost either guesses or questions to double. At least at first one guess per post to allow others to chime in, but if no one else seems to be playimng, feel free to group guesses.

Rules I'm playing by this round:
1. If a particular version of a character was played by multiple actors, only one actor is used, not always my own favourite.
2. Conversely the same actor can appear in multiple roles, even in the same continuity.
3. No characters from previous rounds, though counterparts possible (more on this below)
4. Characters originating in the show or movie are okay.
5. Invevitably some great characters are going to be missed for one reason or another.
6. As before some characters are other Earth counterparts are possible, from other characters in this collage and also from earlier collages (still more on the below).
7. Streaming service characters are okay.
8. Some characters are from commercials. Since commercials are often done in ways that if you squint you could place them in an existing continuity, I'm trying to leave out versions of characters played by TV/movie actors playing the same character.
9. Some cosplay is okay as long is it's full costume and not just a t-shirt (for commercials I'll allow the likes of people pretneding to be a character).
10. Some characters are thus from documentaries.
11. Some characters are from unauthorized movies. I've tried to avoid anything too pornographic. When in doubt I leave them out.
12. Characters from skits okay. If a show has multiple skits, mention the specific skit unless the show always has the same skit or there's been only one skit. Due to the exaggerated nature of skits, I do treat skits involving TV movie actors as separate continuities from the other shows/movies
13. Some name variations okay, on a case by case basis (e.g. if a skit has a gender swapped version of a character).
14. No one is directly from a live show, but characters in commercials for live shows are possible.
15. I usually avoid characters with no revealed names, but I've made exceptions if such a character is particularly notable.
16. To avoid the collage being diluted by too many fan film characters, no YouTube originals and the like. Everyone here reaches a minimum level of professionalism.
17. Counterparts from artificial realities are okay, so long as it's not an existing character's consciousness in the body.  It's pretty common for one character to be from the "real" world but interacting with an artificial version of someone they know.
18. Unlike with DC, trips to the past or future in the Marvel Multiverse if not Megaverse tends to involve divergent timelines.
19. While most characters were not in the 2020 collages, there's one exception: The Frost Sisters from The Gifted, previously grouped together, are now separated into individuals.
20. For possessed characters (usually from Helstrom), if the image shows them possessed, name the possessor, but name the person possessed if the image shows them in a not possessed state.
21. As always the default is the Earth the main character(s) is/are from. You may use official or unofficial reality numbers for non-default versions of characters, but descriptors are encouraged.
22. Because over half the characters in this series are MCU, don't simply put MCU as where they're from, though it doesn't have to be their first appearance as long as they were in it.
23. For groupings of characters where they are named but it's not clarified who is who, assume they are named in order of left to right,
24. Characters from deleted scenes are fine.

Making sense of Marvel Mutant movie continuity (some shows discussed seperately below):
Original continuity: X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine, X-Men: First Class, parts of X-Men: Days of Future Past
Second continuity: Most of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, parts of Deadpool 2
Most of Deadpool is in a continuity that diverges from the second continuity. Other continuities also seen.
Logan and New Mutants are self-contained.

Alternate and artificial realities (I'll include spoiler space for each in case someone hasn't seen a movie or all seasons of a show but intends to):
Agents of SHIELD:

The Framework (excludes characters with the consciousness of the original versions), a future reality seen in season 5 (one character diverges further), the divergent past seen in season 7.


Alternate realities seen in season 2 episode 6. Another divergence occurs near the end of the series.

Cloak & Dagger:

D'Spayre's false realities have courterparts (though Tanya is the original in all of them); different D'Spayre realities can have counterparts of the same character so be specific. Also Dark Dimension counterparts.


Dark Dimension counterparts, plus another artificial reality (the Healing Algorithm). A couple divergent realities seen towards the end of the series, but for some reason one visit to the past doesn't seen to cause a divergence.

Avengers: Endgame:

The various past realities are divergent


Multiple counterparts seen, particularly of Loki himself.

Spider-Man: No Way Home:

Villains from previous movies diverge from their original history but two other overworldly characters from previous movies are considered the originals.

Moon Knight:

The afterlife realm counts if the character doesn't seen to have the original's consciousness or a ragment thereof.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness:

A few additional realities seen, one in particular having a lot of screen time. Okay to use reality numbers given in the movie itself for non-MCU proper characters.

Characters found so far (see also 2020 rounds):
1 Golem, Blade II
2 Christina Natchios, Netflix Daredevil
3 Yuri Krupin, Agents of SHIELD
4 Ziggy, Venom
5 Kathy Allen, Incredible Hulk TV
6 Laura Miller, Avengers: Infinity War
7 Doctor Milgrom, Incredible Hulk movie
8 Tasba, Thor: Ragnarok
9 Superior (Anton Ivanov), Agents of SHIELD
10 Eliza Schultz, Punisher TV
11 Bob DeCastro, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
12 Oblo, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
13 Lillian, Punisher TV
14 Armand Duquesne VII, Hawkeye
15 Dr. Jallings, Amazing Spider-Man 2
16 Sissy Garcia, Jessica Jones
17 Rafael Hernandez, Netflix Punisher
18 Agent Case, Agents of SHIELD
19 Randall Spector, Moon Knight'
20 Stella Cesare, Punisher War Zone
21 Señor Scratchy, WandaVision
22 Chaz, Jessica Jones
23 Fenris Wolf, Thor: Ragnarok
24 Marci Stahl, Daredevil (Netflix)
25 Tina Hayden, Captain America 1979
26 Doc Alden, Incredible Hulk TV
27 Nightcrawler, X-Men Apocalypse
28 Carmine, Agents of SHIELD
29 Dr John, Gifted
30 Roscoe, Thor Ragnarok
31 Charlie, Incredible Hulk TV
32 Officer Krieger, Blade movie
33 Agent Navarro, Agents of SHIELD
34 Arthur, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
35 Callie Hannigan, Agents of SHIELD
36 Melissa Bowen (vision/timeline where Tandy became an engineer), Cloak and Dagger
37 Nico Minoru, timeline where Morgan Le Fay killed Gert Yorkes, Runaways
38. Arlene French, Agent Carter
39 Rukhsana, Ms Marvel
40 Birdie, Jessica Jones
41. Jonathan Pangborn, Doctor Strange
42 David Richardson, Team Darryl
43 Dr. Davis, Spider-Man 2
44 Richard Lumley, Agents of SHIELD
45 Gabriel, Ant-Man
46 Larson, Iron Man 2
47. Hulk, SNL: Black Widow Trailer
48. Pete, Agent Carter
49 Mike Toro, Punisher 2004
50 Mr. Cramer, The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
51 Sophia Carter, Daredevil TV
52 Fred, Incredible Hulk TV
53 Vanisher, X-Men: The Last Stand
54 Valentina de Santis, Captain America 1990
55 Maria, Logan
56 Captain America, Marvel Superheroes Got Milk? commercial
57 Melissa Bowen, Cloak and Dagger
58 Vic, Runaways
59 Elton Evans, Daredevil TV
60 Tiamut, Eternals, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
61 Michael Smith, Luke Cage
62 Boukunryu, Supaidāman/Japanese Spider-Man
63 Otis Johnson, Cloak and Dagger
64 Armand Duquesne III, Hawkeye
65 Black Tom Cassidy, Deadpool 2
66 Jacob, Venom
67 Graph, Gifted
68 Joseph Danvers, Captain Marvel
69. Dieter Reinhardt, Blade II
70. Black Bolt, Reality-838, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness
71 Ana Helstrom, Helstrom
72 Alistair Fitz (Framework), Agents of SHIELD
73 Thomas Roberts, Avengers
74 Sol Rama, Doctor Strange (MCU movie)
75 Shinkaloh, Supaidāman/Japanese Spider-Man
76 Samantha Reyes, Jessica Jones
77 Peter Lyonne, Jessica Jones
78 Aide, Gifted
79 Gary, Falcon and Winter Soldier
81 Echo, Hawkeye
80 David Ellerh, Runaways
82 Ayla Perez, Falcon and Winter Soldier
83 Nines Hat, Iron Fist
84 McCafferty, Agents of SHIELD
85 Emma, Jessica Jones
86 Rhonda, Agents of SHIELD
87 Jack Stoss, Eternals
88 Narbllk, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
89 Rush, Blade II
90 Bryan Singer, X2: X-Men United
91 Mark Bailey, Luke Cage
92 Mabel, Agent Carter
93. Thing, Fantastic 4 - Thing Hands & Feet and Human Torch Mask & Glove commercial
94. Rebecca Stevens aka Janice Robbins, Agents of SHIELD
95. Mitchell Carson, Ant-Man
96 Sluggo, Deadpool 2
97. Warsong, Avengers: Endgame'
98 Nico Minoru (Dark Dimension), Runaways
99 Rafi, Jessica Jones
100 Sue Lorman, Spider-Man: Far From Home
101 Mr Haller, Legion
102 Bronaja, Inhumans
103. Torrance, Agent Carter
104 Miguel Valdez, Netflix Daredevil
105. Ayo,  Captain America: Civil War; Black Panther
106 Ronald Garcia, Jessica Jones
107 Albert Tendelli, Trial of Incredible Hulk
108 Captain Pena, Inhumans
109 Kim, Agents of SHIELD
110 Rina Koslov, Jessica Jones
111 Ariann, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
112 Wilcox, Punisher TV
113 Curtis Stein (Dark Dimension), Runaways
114 Sadie Deever, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Ms Marvel
115 Edwin Dunlap, Cloak and Dagger
116 J. Boothe, Deadpool
117. Simon Stroud, Morbius
118 Riley, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
119 Dora Skirth, Venom
120 General Joe Grellar/Sam Grellar, Incredible Hulk movie
121 Hulk, SNL "Hawkeye Disappoints the Avengers"
122. Jury foreman, Trial of the Incredible Hulk
123 Naya, Gifted124 Ted Roberts, Incredible Hulk TV
125 Azarel, Werewolf by Night
126. Spider-Man, Cingular Wireless commercial
127 Ronald Coultrap, Iron Man
128 Bobby, Logan
129 Captain America cosplayer, Ms. Marvel
130 Quinton the Great, Runaways
131 Thembi Wallace, Luke Cage
132. Thor, SNL: Black Widow Trailer
133 Hope Shlottman, Jessica Jones
134 Cable News Reporter (Sharon Reed), She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
135 Flint (Monolith recreation), Agents of SHIELD
136 Man-Bull, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
137 Amy Page, Ghost Rider
138 Zaya Okonjo, Jessica Jones
139 Blockhead, Ms Marvel
140 Flaming Tuba, Werewolf by Night
141 Noah Tyler, Amazing Spider-Man TV pilot/movie
142 Mr Fox, Morbius
143 Ulysses Bloodstone, Werewolf by Night
144 Mita Nansari, Runaways
145 Hawkeye, Marvel Superheroes Got Milk? commercial
146 Tyler, Daredevil
147 Martin, Loki
148 Morris, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
149 Congressman Davis, X-Men: Days of Future Past
150 Tony, Punisher TV
151 Chief Frank Rhodes, Incredible Hulk TV
152. Wolverine, Dr. Pepper commercial
153 Loman, Helstrom
154 John Collins, WandaVision
155 Martine Bancroft, Morbius
156 Shirley Benson, Daredevil TV
157 Melinda Taylor, Gifted
158. Pearson, Ant-Man & Wasp
159 Agent King, Agents of SHIELD
160 Domingo Colon, Luke Cage
161. Lenny Sirkes, Jessica Jones
162 Passion, Luke Cage
163 Cowboy Kenny/Kenny Bartram, Fantastic Four (2005)
164 Johns, Runaways
165 Gale Hoffman, Amazing Spider-Man TV
166 Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Deadpool
167 Ken, Jessica Jones
168 Carol, Agent Carter
169 Aiko, Iron Fist
170 Noah, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
171 Justin Boden, Jessica Jones
172 Leland Wilson, Cloak and Dagger
174 Sister Boy, Luke Cage\
173 Dana, Agents of SHIELD
175 Captain Ross, Punisher War Zone
176. Robert, The Incredible Hulk: No Escape episode
177 L Warren, Jessica Jones
178 Thing, Burger King Fantastic Four toys in Kids' Meal commercial
179 Frankie Raye, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
180 Method Man, Luke Cage
181 Josh Elliot, Iron Man 3
182. Proxima Midnight, Reality-TRN734, Avengers: Endgame
183 Alves, Incredible Hulk movie (2008)
184 Carl Hoffman, Daredevil TV
185. Maria Castle, Punisher 2004
186 Cook, Captain Marvel
187 Scarlet Witch, Marvel Superheroes Got Milk? commercial
188 Big Ben Donovan, Daredevil TV
189 Hulk, Hulk Hands commercial 2003
190 Gene Hernandez (Dark Dimension), Runaways
191 Officer Bowie, Agents of SHIELD
192 Quan Chen, Agents of SHIELD
193 Cooper, Jessica Jones
194 Zack Lambert, Incredible Hulk Returns
195 Sasora, Supaidāman/Japanese Spider-Man 
196 Oeznik, Falcon and Winter Soldier
197 Amy (Framework), Agents of SHIELD
198 White Power Dave, Marvel One Shot: All Hail the King
199 Baron Samedi, Cloak and Dagger
200. Colleen O'Brien, Agent Carter
201 Irene Merryweather, Deadpool 2
202. Ben Stoss, Eternals
203 Wyatt, Jessica Jones
204 Devlin Hoskins, Jessica Jones
205 Calvin, Runaways
206 Mitch, Runaways
207 Ruby, Daredevil TV
208 Bradley, Daredevil TV
209 Wes, The Gifted
210 Vincent, Agents of SHIELD
211 Mary Storm, Fantastic Four (Corman/1994)
212 Graham, Agents of SHIELD
213 Sam Stein, Punisher TV
214 Chico Diaz, Luke Cage
215. Duranna, Guardians of the Galaxy
216 Caprarelli, Runaways
217 Edward Nelson, Daredevil TV
218 Henry Jackson, Spider-Man 2
219 Gregory Tepper, Daredevil TV
220 Robyn, Jessica Jones
221 Staff Sergeant Smith, Agents of SHIELD
222 Joe, Luke Cage
223 Phil, Runaways
224. Pat Kiernan, Avengers, Hawkeye, etc.
225 Xavin (Healing Algorithm), Runaways
226 Doug, Spider-Man: Far From Home
227 Nathan Bowen (Tandy's Perfect Life), Cloak and Dagger
228 Julian, Avengers Endgame
229 Robert Saint, Punisher 2004
230 Knox, Ant-Man and the Wasp
231 Chantelle Fusilier, Cloak and Dagger
232 General Hastings, X-Men Apocalypse
233 Joi, Luke Cage
234 DC Priscilla Ridley, Luke Cage
235 Officer Preston, Daredevil TV
236 Ian, Jessica Jones
237 Typhoid, Elektra
238 Eleanor Bishop, Hawkeye
239 Loki L-1247, Loki
240 Bulk, Gifted
241 Elias, Agents of SHIELD
242 Weasel, Deadpool
243 Tyrone Johnson (illusory reality where Tyrone dies), Cloak and Dagger
244 Mister Kitson/Kitson III, Agents of SHIELD
245 Genesis, Agents of SHIELD
246 Betsy Beatty, Netflix Daredevil
247 Dolores Miller, The Defenders
248 Lieutenant E. Kalama, Inhumans
249. Bill Maher, Iron Man 3 (deleted scene)
250 Amy, X-Men: First Class
251 Todd Bowles, Luke Cage
252 Mary, Runaways
253 Arturo Rey III, Luke Cage
254 Michael Lindon, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
255 General Petrov, X-Men: Days of Future Past
256 McCabe, Elektra
257. Liz Allan, Spider-Man: Homecoming
258 Hildegund, Thor: Dark World
259 Spider-Man, Evian commercial
260 Harold Simcoe, Agents of SHIELD
261 Christian Blake, Daredevil TV
262 Thomas, Agents of SHIELD
263 Vuk, Dark Phoenix
264 Viola, Agents of SHIELD
265 Captain America, Marvel Universe Live Age of Heroes commercial
266. Michael Carter, Agent Carter
267. Cash Register Thief/Uncle Ben's Killer, The Amazing Spider-Man 2012
268 Tina Minoru, Runaways, timeline where Morgan Le Fay killed Gert Yorkes
269 Baron Karl Mordo, (Earth-838), Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
270 Adrian, Runaways
271 Louden Smith, Cloak and Dagger
272 Zack Starr, Blade: The Series
273 Tyler, Avengers, Agents of SHIELD
274 Cecilia Reyes, New Mutants
275 John Polsky, Luke Cage
276 Agent Orange/William Rawlins III, Netflix Punisher
277 Fab Five Freddy, Luke Cage
278 General Cole, Agents of SHIELD
279 Dean Meminger, Spider-Man: No Way Home
280 Lizard, Marvel Universe Live Age of Heroes commercial
281 John Mackenzie (Chronicon), Agents of SHIELD
282 Cull Obsidian, Avengers: Infinity War
283 Chukwu, Agents of SHIELD
284 Tyrone Johnson, dream reality where family members survived and Tyrone became a cop while Tandy became a ballet dancer (Tandy's Prefect Life), Cloak and Dagger
285 Xerxes Davis, Runaways
286. Ernst Mueller, Agent Carter
287 Agent Wahl, Agents of SHIELD
288 Griffin Sinclair, Jessica Jones
289 Nichelle, Jessica Jones
290 Emily, Agent Carter
291 John G. Johnson, Luke Cage
292 Thor, Hasbro "Thor's Lightning Hammer" toy commercial
293 White Prince, Blade: The Series
294 Jim Pierce, Iron Fist
295 José (Joey) Gutiérrez, Agents of SHIELD
296. Aaron, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
297. Bor Burison, Thor: The Dark World
298 Cookie Hulk, SNL "Superhero Party"
299 Andre Compton, Runaways301 Jaiying, Chronicoms' altered timeline, Agents of SHIELD
300 Lombardo, Jessica Jones
302. Gloria, Agent Carter
303 Eddie, Agent Carter
304 Agent Henry, Agent Carter
305 Councilman Jakuna Singh, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
306 Thor, Visa Check card commercial
307 Takuji Yamashiro, Supaidāman/Japanese Spider-Man
308 Nick Fury LMD, Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD
309 Ms Hoskins, Falcon and Winter Soldier
310 Gregory, Cloak and Dagge
311 Li Sung, Incredible Hulk TV
312 Carl Nussbaumer, Jessica Jones
313 Joaquin Torres, Falcon and Winter Soldier
314 Olaf, Agents of SHIELD
315. Spider-Man, SNL: Emma Stone monologue
316 Juggernaut, Deadpool 2
317 Aadam, Ms. Marvel
318. Bruno Carrelli, Ms. Marvel
319 Alpha, Daredevil TV
320 Kevin Page, Daredevil TV
321. Maria Castle, Punisher: War Zone
322 Big Chief Roland Duplantier, Cloak and Dagger
323 Missy, Hawkeye
324. Shou-Lao, Iron Fist
325 Alejandra, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
326 Donnie, Luke Cage
327. Alex WIlder, Reality-TRN 769, Runaways
328. Miles Van Ert, Agent Carter
329 Faisal Ahmed, Agents of SHIELD
330 Spokes, Iron Fist
331. Roland Treece, Venom
332 Sam Leary, Punisher 1989
333 Karen Mitchell, Incredible Hulk TV
334 Tomas Delgado, Hawkeye
335 Victor Ramon, Agents of SHIELD
336. Mister Fantastic,  SNL: Superman’s Funeral
337 Dr. John Zeiderman, Incredible Hulk TV
338. Loki, Reality-TRN733, Avengers: Endgame
339 Gus, Jessica Jones
340 Wolverine (Earth-18315), Deadpool 2
341 Nandi Tyler, Luke Cage
342 Auran, Inhumans
343. Iron Man, Reality-Rogers: The Musical, Hawkeye
344 Sea-Devil, Supaidāman/Japanese Spider-Man
345 Frank Castle Sr, Punisher 2004
346 Stu, Runaways
347 Bast, Black Panther
348 Selwyn, Agents of SHIELD
349 Sam, X-Men Apocalypse
350 Maria Salas, Fantastic Four (2005)
351 Selim, Moon Knight
352 Christopher Summers, X-Men Apocalypse
353 Britney Kovak, Jessica Jones
354 Osiris, Moon Knight
355 Reid Pearson, Jessica Jones
356 Vladimir Ranskahov, Daredevil TV
357 A. Kennedy, Agents of SHIELD
358 Florence Schaffner, Loki
359 Cheryll, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
360 Paulsen, Cloak and Dagger
361 Sabina Bernivig, Iron Fist
362. Captain America, SNL: Avengers News Report/Avengers Defeat Ultron
363. Spider-Man,  SNL: Superman’s Funeral
364 Harlan, Agents of SHIELD
365 David Xavier, revised timeline where he's not possessed by Shadow King while an infant, Legion
366 Ronette, Howard the Duck
367 Finnish Black Widow, Black Widow
368 Chase Stein (Time traveling Runaways), Runaways
369 Director Schlogl, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
370 Bzermikitokolok, Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
371 Bronwyn, Runaways
372 Principal Conway, Amazing Spider-Man 2
373 T-Bone, Amazing Spider-Man movie
374 Spider-Man, Visa Check card commercial
375 Zainab Ali, Ms Marvel
376 Madeline Garner/Risman, Gifted
377 Bernard Houseman, Raimi Spider-Man (2002)
378 Lewis Wilson, Punisher TV
379. Nonna Manfredi, Agent Carter
380 Jamel Shabazz, Luke Cage
381 Hek-Sel (Earth-destroyed timeline), Agents of SHIELD
382 Mystique as Colonel Sanders, X-Men Days of Future Past
383 Agent Messner, Agent Carter
384 Hanson, Howard the Duck
385 Leapfrog, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
386 Soren, Captain Marvel
387 Rakim, Luke Cage
388. Agent White, Agent Carter
389 Richard Day, Daredevil TV
390 Felix Manning, Daredevil TV
391 Sakas, Inhumans
392 Hex, Iron Fist
393 Levi van Kempen, Agents of SHIELD
394 Christa Klein, Trial of the Incredible Hulk
395 Hock, Helstrom
396 Dr Rosenberg, Daredevil TV
397 Gao Lei, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
398 Wayne Olsen, Iron Fist
399 Nyssa Damaskinos, Blade II
400 Jack, Amazing Spider-Man movie
401 Captain America, 3 Dev Adam
402. Christiane Amanpour, Iron Man 2
403 Irene Bickell, Jessica Jones
404 Dapper Dan, Luke Cage
405 Lloyd Rathman, Agents of SHIELD
406 Shane, Team Thor Part 2
407 Dan Lewis, Venom
408 Izel, Agents of SHIELD
409 Kevin Singleton, Iron Fist
410 Corbin, Daredevil TV
411. General Hager, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
412 Professor Steger, Agents of SHIELD

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12/11/2022 10:18 am  #2

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

I should add that at this point there are no characters originating in Thor 4 or Black Panther 2 as I haven't seen those movies and am trying to avoid spoilers.

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12/11/2022 10:38 am  #3

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

95. Mitchell Carson, Ant-Man


12/11/2022 10:41 am  #4

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

200. Colleen O'Brien, Agent Carter


12/11/2022 10:43 am  #5

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

249. Bill Maher, Iron Man 3


12/11/2022 10:45 am  #6

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

286. Ernst Mueller, Agent Carter


12/11/2022 10:46 am  #7

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

297. Bor, Thor: The Dark World


12/11/2022 10:50 am  #8

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

296. Aaron, Captain America: The Winter Soldier


12/11/2022 10:55 am  #9

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

38. Arlene French, Agent Carter


12/11/2022 10:59 am  #10

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

41. Jonathan Pangborn, Doctor Strange


12/11/2022 11:05 am  #11

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

70. Black Bolt, Reality-838 (Multiverse of Madness)?


12/11/2022 11:09 am  #12

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

105. Ayo, Black Panther


12/11/2022 11:10 am  #13

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

122. jury foreman, Trial of the Incredible Hulk


12/11/2022 11:17 am  #14

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

132. Thor, Black Widow trailer, SNL


12/11/2022 11:21 am  #15

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

182. Proxima Midnight, Reality-TRN734, Endgame


12/11/2022 11:26 am  #16

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

176. Robert, The Incredible Hulk: No Escape


12/11/2022 11:30 am  #17

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

224. Pat Kiernan, Hawkeye


12/11/2022 11:36 am  #18

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

266. Michael Carter, Agent Carter


12/11/2022 11:38 am  #19

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

327. Alex WIlder, Reality-TRN769, Runaways


12/11/2022 11:46 am  #20

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

343. Tony Stark, Reality-Rogers: The Musical, Hawkeye


12/11/2022 11:47 am  #21

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

338. Loki, Reality-TRN733, Endgame


12/11/2022 11:54 am  #22

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

362. Captain America, Avengers Defeat Ultron, SNL


12/11/2022 11:57 am  #23

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

402. Christiane Amanpour, Iron Man 2


12/11/2022 11:59 am  #24

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

411. G. Hager, FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer


12/11/2022 12:12 pm  #25

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

69 Reinhardt, Blade 2


12/11/2022 12:13 pm  #26

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

71 Ana Helstrom, Helstrom


12/11/2022 12:15 pm  #27

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

72 Alistair Fitz (AI version), Agents of SHIELD


12/11/2022 12:16 pm  #28

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

65 Black Tom Cassidy, Deadpool 2


12/11/2022 12:17 pm  #29

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

166 Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Deadpool 


12/11/2022 12:19 pm  #30

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #56 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 1 of 9?

239 Loki L-1247, Loki


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