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2/04/2023 9:43 am  #1

Current Code Name Tracker

I was thinking that in order to better link the various Marvel "Raw Data" threads (Master List, Sightings, Unofficial Marvel, maybe even RPG next update) and keep the info as current as possible I should start a thread to track what the current name used for characters is. I used to update as new Handbooks come out, but that no longer makes sense until such a time as they at least resume a quarterly schedule. This should both speed up searching for characters and not leave profiles stuck under a name a character used for less than a year real name. So let me know here if I should update the three main lists above (leave RPG for now) to reflect the current name. I haven't kept track of him, but it's a safe bet that Otto Octavius will resume the Doctor Octopus code name at some point if he hasn't already, so this would be the thread to note such things when they happen. Don't list everyone who's ever used multiple names, just note them as they shift.

For the most part I'll need others to be my eyes here as I've stopped reading new Marvel material except in occasional trades.  Too expensive to buy regular issues, titles keep changing names; titles keep switching back and forth between restarting with #1 and legacy numbering; too many "stunt issues" such as 0, -1, [previous issue number].1,  [previous issue number] AI, etc. between issues; characters getting new looks but not being identified in story; crossovers with titles I'm not interested in; too many returns from the dead; crossover titles having their own sub-crossovers (e.g. Civil War Front Line), too many spin-off titles especially with the team books, etc have all caused me to largely move on. But I still like getting the bare bones info via Handbooks and Indices and am happy to track reference resources.

Format I'll be using in this main post:
[Real name in bold]: [Current code name, or real name if no longer using a code name]


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2/05/2023 3:20 pm  #2

Re: Current Code Name Tracker

I like this idea!


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