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2/27/2023 6:41 pm  #1

The Flash (1990 TV version)


Real Name: Bartholomew Henry Allen

Aliases: The Flash

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Forensic scientist, superhero

Citizenship: American

Place of Birth: Central City

Known Relatives: Henry Allen (father), Nora Allen (mother)

Group Affiliations: None

Education: Bachelor's degree in forensic science

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Abilities: The Flash possesses superhuman speed, allowing him to move at incredible velocities and react in microseconds. He can vibrate his molecules to pass through solid objects and generate intense static electricity. The Flash has also been shown to have an increased metabolism and accelerated healing.

Paraphernalia: The Flash wears a red bodysuit with lightning bolt accents, as well as a cowl with ear wings and goggles to protect his eyes at high speeds.

History: Bartholomew Henry Allen became the Flash after being struck by lightning and bathed in chemicals in a laboratory accident. He gained the ability to move at superhuman speed and became Central City's resident superhero, fighting crime and protecting the city from a variety of threats, including metahuman criminals and time-traveling villains.

As the Flash, Allen has teamed up with fellow superheroes, including the Green Arrow, and has also faced off against a number of powerful enemies, including the Trickster and Captain Cold.

Strength Level: The Flash's strength level is enhanced by his superhuman speed, allowing him to deliver powerful punches and kicks with great force.

Known Superhuman Powers: The Flash's primary power is superhuman speed, allowing him to move at incredible velocities and perform a variety of feats, including time travel and phasing through objects. He also possesses accelerated healing and an increased metabolism.

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2/27/2023 6:45 pm  #2

Re: The Flash (1990 TV version)

While a version of Green Arrow was seen during Elseworlds, the AI is probably confusing him with the Arrowverse version. I would definitely mention Jay Allen in his history as well as his participaton in the Crisis.

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