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2/28/2023 8:54 am  #1

Lex Luthor (Smallville)

[Hangs a bit at the end but almost complete.]

Name: Lex Luthor

Aliases: Alexander Joseph Luthor, Jr., The Beast

Occupation: Businessman, CEO of LuthorCorp

Identity: Publicly known

Citizenship: United States of America

Place of Birth: Metropolis

Known Relatives: Lionel Luthor (father, deceased), Lillian Luthor (mother, deceased), Julian Luthor (paternal half-brother, deceased), Lucas Luthor (paternal half-brother, deceased)

Group Affiliation: None

Education: Graduated from Excelsior Academy, attended Metropolis University

First Appearance: "Pilot" (Smallville Season 1, 2001)

History: Lex Luthor is the son of billionaire industrialist Lionel Luthor and grew up in a life of privilege and wealth. Despite his father's expectations for him to follow in his footsteps and take over LuthorCorp, Lex became interested in science and technology, studying at MIT and eventually returning to Metropolis to work for his father's company.

Over the years, Lex has become increasingly power-hungry and ruthless, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He has clashed with Clark Kent numerous times, as he sees the young hero as a threat to his own power and influence. He has also formed alliances with various villains, including Brainiac and Darkseid, in an attempt to gain even more power.

Powers and Abilities: Lex Luthor is a highly intelligent businessman and strategist, with a deep understanding of how to manipulate people and situations to his advantage. He has access to vast resources and cutting-edge technology through his position at LuthorCorp, and is skilled in using these resources to further his own goals. He is also a skilled fighter and marksman, although he relies more on his cunning and intellect than physical prowess.

Weaknesses: Lex's desire for power and control often leads him to make rash decisions and act impulsively, which can sometimes lead to his downfall. He is also highly susceptible to manipulation, particularly by those who appeal to his sense of ego and ambition. His rivalry with Clark Kent and obsession with uncovering the young hero's secrets can sometimes distract him from his other goals and put him in danger.

Threat Level: Lex Luthor is

[At this point the chat hanged. I decided that enough of it was done that it didn't need to be refreshed.]

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