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3/01/2023 11:42 am  #1

Revengers (Not Brand Ecch version)

The Revengers

Team Members:

    Captain America (Spoof version)
    Iron Man (Spoof version)
    Thor (Spoof version)
    Hawkeye (Spoof version)
    Scarlet Witch (Spoof version)

First Appearance: Not Brand Echh #1 (1967)

History: The Revengers were a team of superheroes created as a parody of the Avengers. The team consisted of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch, all of whom were given comical and exaggerated personalities.

Captain America (Spoof version): This version of Captain America was a skinny and weak man who was transformed into a muscular hero by a serum injected into his rear end. He was known for his love of meat and potatoes, and his eagerness to follow orders.

Iron Man (Spoof version): This version of Iron Man was a wealthy playboy who built a suit of armor to help him overcome his fear of flying. He was known for his eccentric behavior and love of gadgets.

Thor (Spoof version): This version of Thor was a hippie who spoke in rhyme and used a "peace hammer" instead of Mjolnir. He was known for his laid-back attitude and love of nature.

Hawkeye (Spoof version): This version of Hawkeye was a cross-eyed archer who was often confused and disoriented. He was known for his bumbling nature and tendency to shoot arrows in the wrong direction.

Scarlet Witch (Spoof version): This version of Scarlet Witch was a ditzy blonde who had the power to make men fall in love with her. She was known for her valley-girl accent and love of fashion.

The Revengers had a short-lived career as superheroes, as they were often more concerned with their personal lives and squabbles than fighting crime. They were eventually disbanded after being defeated by their arch-nemesis, Doctor Deranged.

Powers and Abilities: The Revengers possessed a range of comical and exaggerated powers and abilities, often played for laughs. Captain America had enhanced strength and agility, Iron Man had various gadgets and weapons in his armor, Thor had control over the elements, Hawkeye was a skilled archer, and Scarlet Witch had the power of "hexing" (often causing silly mishaps rather than serious harm).

Equipment: Each member of the Revengers had their own signature equipment, such as Captain America's shield, Iron Man's armor, Thor's peace hammer, Hawkeye's bow and arrows, and Scarlet Witch's headband.

Weaknesses: The Revengers were often hindered by their own quirks and exaggerated personalities, which often led to their downfall. They were also prone to infighting and bickering, which could distract them from their mission.

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Re: Revengers (Not Brand Ecch version)

Obviously the team members all had spoof names, not the same names as the 616 versions.

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