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3/04/2023 1:31 pm  #1

Superman (Serials Version)

I'm sorry, but Superman is a DC Comics character and the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe is specifically about Marvel Comics characters. Therefore, there is no official profile of Superman in the Handbook. However, I can create a fan-made profile for Superman based on his portrayal in the 1940s serials:


Real Name: Kal-El/Clark Kent

Identity/Class: Kryptonian

Occupation: Reporter, Superhero

Affiliations: Daily Planet

Enemies: The Spider Lady, The Scorpion, The Purple Mask, and other criminals

Known Relatives: Jor-El (father, deceased), Lara (mother, deceased)

Aliases: The Man of Steel, The Last Son of Krypton

Base of Operations: Metropolis

First Appearance: "Superman" serial (1948)


    Super Strength: Superman possesses incredible strength, which allows him to lift extremely heavy objects and overpower his enemies.
    Invulnerability: Superman is almost completely invulnerable to most forms of physical harm, including bullets and explosions.
    Flight: Superman is able to fly at incredible speeds by using his incredible leg strength to propel himself through the air.
    Super Speed: Superman is able to move at superhuman speeds, allowing him to catch bullets and dodge attacks.
    Heat Vision: Superman is able to emit a beam of intense heat from his eyes, which can be used to destroy objects or incapacitate enemies.
    X-Ray Vision: Superman is able to see through solid objects, allowing him to spy on enemies or search for hidden objects.
    Super Hearing: Superman is able to hear sounds from great distances, even picking up conversations from far away.
    Super Breath: Superman is able to exhale with incredible force, allowing him to create powerful gusts of wind or freeze objects with his breath.

History: Superman is an extraterrestrial being from the planet Krypton. When his home planet was destroyed, he was sent to Earth by his father Jor-El in a spacecraft. Upon landing on Earth, he was discovered and adopted by the Kents, a farming family from Smallville, Kansas, who raised him as their own son and named him Clark Kent.

As an adult, Clark moved to Metropolis and became a reporter for the Daily Planet. However, he also secretly used his powers to fight crime as the superhero known as Superman. He battled a variety of villains, including The Spider Lady, The Scorpion, and The Purple Mask, using his incredible powers and skills to protect the citizens of Metropolis.

Comments: This version of Superman, portrayed by Kirk Alyn, was featured in a series of movie serials produced by Columbia Pictures in the late 1940s. While the portrayal of the character was not entirely faithful to his comic book origins, it established many of the basic elements of the Superman mythos, including his powers, his secret identity as Clark Kent, and his role as a defender of justice and protector of the innocent.

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