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1/07/2020 6:34 pm  #1

The Imaginary Marvel Old West/Western Characters Handbook Thread

Historical text from CxPulp:
05-09-2015, 04:13 PM
So, I've had this in a file on my laptop for, maybe a couple of months now? The whole SECRET WARS thing kinda made me go, "Will it be worth it to do any more Imaginary Handbook threads?", and spoilers for who has actually been killed in the pages of SECRET WARS has kinda made go, "Really, Marvel?" I mean, without revealing any names of characters of who died already for the unspoiled (if there are any), and not knowing how this "not a reboot" is going to end or resolve itself, I can't help but wonder if this whole "not a reboot" is a way for Marvel to, in-continuity and not actually reboot, jettison a bunch of characters with long, established histories and...replace them with versions of those same characters that have 'streamlined' histories, that may or may not end up lining up more with the MCU versions of characters.

I mean, one of the things I liked about the current version of the OHOTMU was how it didn't just limit itself to "only those currently active and alive, and only those who live in current-continuity, present-day, Earth-616's universe OR those from other universes or dimensions that have frequent-to-regular interaction with it." It reached back all the way back to the beginning of Marvel's history back in the Golden Age, including Golden Age characters, monster characters, Western characters, 50's characters, oddball characters like Millie the Model or Wally the Wizard or Night Nurse, war characters, characters who would only fill a half-page entry at most, individual members of groups or teams that in editions past would only get at best a quarter-page sub-entry, brand new characters, characters with only a handful of appearances scattered over years if not decades...characters that in editions past would only be included in minimal text-only entries in the Appendix on the inside-back cover or referenced in a (see Appendix:...) citation for an Appendix that was never done or, maybe, just maybe, an entry in the Book of the Dead. Granted, some of that can be chalked up to the pioneering efforts of the Master Edition, which was the first to give a full entry to the likes of individual members of the Imperial Guard or the Wrecking Crew as well as obscure, had-not-been-seen-in-years villains like Senor Muerte or Centurius, or even the Deluxe Edition's and Update '89's efforts in including supporting cast members, romantic partners (even if dead), Western characters, and individual residents of alternate universes like the Squadron Supreme's members or Killraven and his Freemen.

Well, whatever the Marvel Universe will look like after Secret Wars is over, we don't even know if it will even *have*, let alone acknowledge, a history of characters in its Old West, like DC's New 52 deliberately junked it's history of super-heroes debuting before, during, and after WWII. So maybe this is even more of an Imaginary Handbook than we know.

Acrobat (Joe Clanton)
Apache Kid (Aloysius Kare/Dazii)
Arizona Girl/Arizona Annie
Arizona Kid (David Laramee)
Black Rider (Matthew Masters)
Bennington Brown
Billy Buckskin
Blaze Carson
Kid Cassidy
Cougar (Wayde Garrison)
Tex Dawson
Devil Mask
Doctor Danger
Dull Knife
Fox (Belle Raven)
Captain Bill Gregory (Apache Kid ally)
Grizzly (Ace Fenton)
Gunhawk (Red Larabee)
Gunhawk (Bounty-Hawk)
Caleb Hammer
Reno Jones
Living Totem (alien)
Mad Monk (Kid Colt foes)
Tex Morgan
Nocona (Billy Buckskin foe)
Cory Rand (Ringo Kid's father)
Rattler (Benson & Whirlo)
Raven (Thorn Trask)
Rawhide Kid (unidentified, original)
Red Hawk (Apache Kid's adoptive father)
Red Warrior
Renegades (Alamo)
Running Moose (Apache Kid foe)
Brett Sabre
Scorpion (Sam Scorpio)
Matt Slade
Spider (Black Rider foe)
Sting-Ray (Jim Evans)
Sunset Riders
Swift Cloud (daughter of Earth-483's Hurricane)
Vulture (Tex Morgan foe)
Appendix: Old West towns

Sorry about the rant(?) above. Any suggestions for this Imaginary Handbook?
Sidney Osinga
05-09-2015, 06:13 PM
The original Two Gun Kid (Clay Harder) could also be included. Also, it'd be nice to see individual entries for the Phantom Riders, like what they did with Red Wolf.
And the two western Circuses of Crime.
05-09-2015, 06:47 PM
Billy the Kid
Black Rider (Two-Gun Kid/Harder foe)
Ben Dancer
Drago Kid
Ghost Rider (Caleb)
Ghost Rider (Native American)
Ghost Rider (Tombstone sheriff)
Ghost Rider (Rex Fury)
Doc Holiday
Wyatt Earp
Heart-Like-Fire (Puma ancestor)
Horses of the Old West update
Iron Fist (Kwai Jun-Fan)
Kid Six-Gun
Missouri Kid
Annie Oakley
Red Wolf (Apache)
Cristo Pike's gang (Cristo Pike, Lone Ninja, Bloody Ivan, le Sabre Kid, the Cabo Kid, Grizzly Johonson, Honey Bee and Kid Dead)
Sensational Seven (Rawhide Kid's team)
el Sombro
Ten-Notch Kid
Two-Gun Kid (Maplewood)
05-10-2015, 12:32 PM
Wild Bill Hickok
Jesse James
Kid from Dodge City
Tex Taylor
Andy E. Nystrom
05-10-2015, 05:09 PM
Blaze of Glory (event) - not really a favourite of mine but an entry could sort out the various continuity issues
Phantom Rider (Carter Slade)
Phantom Rider (Lincoln Slade)
Full entries on some of the horses in the Marvel Pets appendix.
05-14-2015, 10:23 PM

Sidney Osinga wrote:

The original Two Gun Kid (Clay Harder) could also be included. Also, it'd be nice to see individual entries for the Phantom Riders, like what they did with Red Wolf.
And the two western Circuses of Crime.

I agree with you
Eduardo M.
05-17-2015, 10:57 AM
El Aguila (ancestor of current one)
Wonderment (site of Blaze of Glory)

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