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2/03/2020 4:21 pm  #1

Strange visitor from another canon - Guest appearance edition

The prose version of the same thread in the comics section, this is the place to mention prose crossovers where two or more characters from normally different franchises, bot parties properly identified, share an adventure. If one of the characters is disguised with a different name or goes unnamed (but obvious from the description) then the story should instead be listed under the "You seem strangely familiar" version of this thread. If it's merely a passing mention, then it belongs under cameos, either Easter egg (appearing unnamed or under an alias) or proper cameo (appearing as themselves, but only in passing). 


2/03/2020 4:33 pm  #2

Re: Strange visitor from another canon - Guest appearance edition

And with the thread introduced, my first example is the Doctor Who novel "All-Consuming Fire," which sees the Doctor and his companions team up with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. For good measure, one of the threats they all end up facing is Azathoth from the Cthulhu Mythos tales.

Additionally, the novel also throws in a passing mention of Charles Beauregard while Holmes is visiting the Diogenes Club; Beauregard is a character belonging to novelist Kim Newman, who had borrowed the Diogenes Club from Holmes' stories to provide part of his character's background.

Holmes and Watson later returned in smaller guest star roles in the novel Happy Endings, where they were among many past characters who turned up to attend the wedding of the Doctor's companion Bernice Summerfield.

Big Finish, who produce licensed audio plays based on Doctor Who and related characters, later had Bernice Summerfield team up with Sherlock's brother Mycroft in The Adventures of the Diogenes Damsel, during which they mention the above adventure.

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Re: Strange visitor from another canon - Guest appearance edition

Meanwhile, in the fourth Doctor novel Evolution, the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith team up with Arthur Conan Doyle, prior to his taking up writing or his knighthood.

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