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11/11/2020 3:11 am  #31

Re: Omniverse Map

Additionally, last year Teen Titans Go! had an episode where Robin dressed up briefly as Freakazoid, but this weekend Freakazoid is making an actual appearance on the show, with many members of the original voice cast returning, which presumably means their characters are also going to be appearing


12/24/2020 4:36 pm  #32

Re: Omniverse Map



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12/29/2020 6:21 am  #33

Re: Omniverse Map

During the 20th century the two biggest UK comic publishers were DC Thomson and IPC (also known as/connected to Fleetway, Amalgamated Press, etc.). We've seen links within their respective companies - characters from one DC Thomson humour strip routinely show up in others, and similarly IPC strips weren't adverse to crossovers in company, a trend that has restarted now that IPC properties all belong to Rebellion. And we've seen IPC crossover with US titles on a tiny number of occasions, most obviously via Judge Dredd, thus linking them into the wider Omniverse. But until today the only link I knew off between IPC and DC Thomson was via the Comic Relief Comic, a charity release that was thus able to get permission to use characters from multiple companies, thus allowing Marvel's Captain Britain, IPC's Judge Dredd and DC Thomson's Desperate Dan to all share a panel:

However, now I know of another crossover between the two UK rivals. 

Scream Inn was a series that debuted in IPC's Whoopee!#1 The titular inn was a haunted hotel that offered a cash prize to anyone who managed to stay an entire night while the resident ghosts and ghouls tried to scare them out. During its lengthy run many other IPC characters guest starred, including Frankie Stein and Sweeney Toddler, both themselves guilty of numerous other crossovers. The Innkeeper of the Scream Inn also showed up as one of the Shiver Givers in Shiver and Shake, tying him to yet more characters including Grimly Feendish, another crossover nexus. The point being that any link to Scream Inn from outside of IPC is a doorway to IPC in general.

In DC Thomson's Dandy#2502, cover dated 4th November 1989, we got just that when Smasher visited a haunted house in his own strip:
Money had clearly become tighter for the Inn by 1989, twelve years after they had vanished from the pages of IPC titles, as they'd reduced their prize money, but nevertheless, compare the poster style:
But in case there's any doubt, here's what the inn looked like from a decent outside vantage:
and here are the staff:
and here's Smasher leaving in the morning after winning his prize:


2/13/2021 9:17 am  #34

Re: Omniverse Map

BLACK HAMMER: VISIONS #1 Cover B (Dark Horse, Feb 2021) features a crossover with Milk and Cheese.

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2/23/2021 9:32 am  #35

Re: Omniverse Map

Here's a very early case: In Dumbo (1941), the circus train while going up a steep mountain says "I think I can, I think I can", thus implying that the train is The Little Engine that Could, which at the time had only been seen in books.

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