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10/19/2022 4:32 pm  #361

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

ALIEN #2 (Marvel, Dec 2022)
UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship

GCPD: THE BLUE WALL #1 Cover C (DC, Dec 2022)
Gotham City map


10/25/2022 12:51 pm  #362

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

MARVEL ANATOMY (Insight Editions, 2022)

1. Introduction:
Skrulls 6

2. Wonders of Science:
Ant-Man and the Wasp 6
Captain America 4
Daredevil 4
Hulk 8
She-Hulk 2
Abomination 2
Red Hulk 2
Leader 2
M.O.D.O.K. 2
Sandman 2
Hydro-Man 2

3. Technological Marvels:
Iron Man 4
Ultron 4
The Vision 4
Jocasta 2

4. Cosmic Powers:
Captain Marvel (Danvers) 4
Mister Fantastic 4
Invisible Woman 4
Human Torch 4
The Thing 4

5. Extraterrestrial Life-Forms:
Thanos 4
Symbiotes 6
Kree 4
Groot 4

6. Animal Abilities:
Spider-Man 6
Spider-Man (Morales) 2
Ghost Spider 2
Spider-Woman 2
Spider-Ham 2
The Lizard 2
Squirrel Girl 2
Rocket 2
Throg 1
Howard the Duck 1

7. Mystical Abilities:
Man-Thing 4
Ghost Rider 4

8. Mutants:
Cyclops 4
Jean Grey 4
Iceman 4
Angel 2
Archangel 2
Beast 4
Nightcrawler 4
Storm 4
Colossus 4
Wolverine 6
Wolverine (X-23) 2
Daken 1
Scout 1
Deadpool 4
Cable 4
Mystique 4

9. Enhanced Species:
Asgardians 2
Thor 4
Atlanteans 2
Namor 4
Inhumans 2
Black Bolt 2
Medusa 2
Triton 2
Gorgon 2
Lockjaw 2
Inferno 2

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10/30/2022 10:21 am  #363

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #2 Preorder Edition (Valiant, Oct 2022)
History of Howl 2
The Dangers of ARS 1
Captain Bill Hagen 1

DAMN THEM ALL #1 (Boom, Oct 2022)
Andromalius 1
Goetia 1

Secrets of Doctor Rigby (including Aetherpistol, Rigby’s Suits, Sword of Saint Lucy) 1

Dr. Doom 1
Silver Surfer & Galactus 2
She-Hulk 1
The New Fantastic Four 1
Fantastic Four 2099 & Doom 2099 2
4 and Ultimate Fantastic Four 1

Alkazaar the Magnificent 1 R
Keth Silverson 1 R
Ari Strongbow 1 R
Lyan Amaranthia 1 R
Kiir Bravian 1 R
Gee-Whilickers Petalbutt 1 R
Mortuary Bloodpatch 1 R
Lichle-Rick 1 R
Squanch the Squanchbuckler 1 R
Tinkertot De Fuzz 1 R
Wizard Rick 1 R
Wizard-Fighter Rick 1 R
Wizard-Fighter-Rogue Rick 1 R
Wizard-Fighter-Rogue-CleRick 1 R
Meeseeks Warlord 1 R

Professor Wrath 1

STAR TREK #1 (IDW, Oct 2022)
U.S.S. Theseus/NX-1987 1

STAR TREK UNIVERSE (a360media, 2020)
Space Invaders—The Villains:
(6 pages total)
The Romulan Commander
Gary Mitchell
The Gorn
Winn Adami
Professor James Moriarty
The Borg Queen
Khan Noonien Singh

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11/03/2022 11:51 am  #364

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

SCARY MONSTERS #128 (Fall 2022)
From Small Screen to Big: Horror Hosts in Fictional Films
(7 pages total)
Grandpa Fred
Peter Vincent
Sinister Seymour

STAR WARS INSIDER #214 (Titan, Nov/Dec 2022)
Lonely Knights:

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11/05/2022 10:14 am  #365

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks


New York: Downtown (including Stark Unlimited Headquarters, The Coffee Bean, Sanctum Sanctorum, Goodman Lieber Kurtzberg & Book, Worthington Industries, Yancy Street, Caltain America's Childhood Home; New York Moments: Alien Invasions, Spider-Island, The Coming of Galactus, War of the Realms) 2
Spider-Man (including Spider-Man's Greatest Costumes: Original Costume, Black Costume, Spider-Armour, Iron Spider, Future Foundation, Parker Industries; Powers; floorplan of Peter and Mary Jane's Apartment in Chelsea) 2
New York: Midtown, UES and UWS (including Latverian Embassy, Nelson and Murdock Law Offices, Fisk Tower, Holy Ghost Church, Alias Investigations, Damage Control Offices, Stark Tower/Avengers Tower, Hellfire Club, Avengers Mansion, The Daily Bugle, Alchemax Tower, Times Square, Baxter Building/Four Freedoms Plaza, Empire State Building, The Gem Theater; Central Park: Spider-Man Debuts His Black Costume, Dark Phoenix, Punisher's Family Killed, Secret Invasion) 2
Fantastic Four (including Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, The thing, Invisible Woman; Fantastic Children: Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards; Changes in the FF Lineup; The Original Baxter Building Layout) 2
New York: Uptown and Harlem (including Rand Townhouse, Columbia University, Harlem, Heroes for Hire Headquarters, The Alley, Excelsior Diner, S.H.I.E.L.D., S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier) 2
New York: Beyond Manhattan (including Harry's Hideaway, Xavier Institute, Khan Household, Ravencroft Institute for the Criminal Insane, Punisher's Hideouts, The Statue of Liberty, The Raft, Ryker's Island, Aunt May's House, Andrew Jackson High School, Midtown High) 2
The X-Men (including Professor X, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Angel, Jean Grey; Later Recruits: Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Banshee, Storm, Sunfire, Colossus, Shadowcat, Rogue, Rachel Summers, Psylocke, Dazzler, Gambit, Jubilee, Bishop, Cable, White Queen, Magik; New Mutants: Mirage, Cannonball, Chamber, Wolfsbane, Sunspot; X-Force (Over the Years): Cable, Bishop, Psylocke, Warpath, Domino; X-Factor (Over the Years): Havok, Polaris, Longshot, Multiple Man, Northstar; Xavier Institute: Danger Room, Basketball Court, Cerebro) 2
East USA (including Detroit - Founding Place of the Avengers, The Bar with No Name, Seagate Prison, Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S., Bloodstone Manor, X-Factor’s Virginia Headquarters, Xavier Institute’s Massachusetts Campus, Camp Hammond, Washington DC, Cape Canaveral, Nexus of All Realities; Washington DC’s Greatest Battles: Avengers vs Kang, Iron Man vs Titanium Man, Avengers vs Ultimo, Captain America vs Captain America) 2
Captain America (including Powers; Captain America’s History: Super-Soldier Serum, Lost in the Ice, Revived, The Avengers, The Red Skull; Other Captain Americas: U.S.Agent, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson) 2
San Francisco (including Golden Gate Bridge, Graymalkin Industries, Golden Gate Park, Black Widow’s Mansion, Horizon University, Alcatraz Island, Underground City, Hidden City, A.I.M. Base, Museum of Mutant History; timeline of Utopia: Asteroid M, Utopia, Mutation, New Tian) 2
Los Angeles (including The Retreat, Stark Enterprises Tower, Hawkeye Investigations, Runaways’ Hostel, Champions Headquarters, X-Statix Tower, Hillrock Heights, Drew and McCabe Investigations, Avengers Compound; Who Is Ghost Rider?: Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Robbie Reyes, Cosmic Ghost Rider) 2
Iron Man (including Greatest Iron Man Suits: Original Armour, Red and Gold Armour, Stealth Suit, Silver Centurion, Hulkbuster Armour, Nanotech Suit, War Machine, Iron Spider, Rescue; Stark Industries: Stark Tower, Stark Solutions, Stark Unlimited, Stark-Fujikawa, Stark Resilient) 2
West USA: Stark Resilient Headquarters, Hotel Inferno, Dunwich Sanitorium, The Mount, Area 51, Las Vegas, Quentin Carnival Route, The Vault, Thunderbolts Mountain, Los Diablos Desert Base, Broxton Oklahoma; The Thunderbolts: The Masters of Evil, Hawkeye’s Thunderbolts, Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts, Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts, Winter Soldier’s Thunderbolts) 2
The Hulk (including Different Incarnations of the Hulk: Bruce Banner, The Incredible Hulk, Joe Fixit, The Professor, Green Scar, The Immortal Hulk, Maestro; Other Hulks: She-Hulk, Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Brawn) 2
Canada (including The Ice Box, Maison Alpha, Weapon X Facility, Mansion Alpha, Howlett Estate, Neverland, Department H Headquarters (Ottawa), Department H Headquarters (Toronto), First Meeting of Hulk and Wolverine; The Flight: Alpha Flight, Beta Flight, Gamma Flight, Omega Flight) 2
Wolverine (including Powers; Wolverine’s History: Childhood, Mercenary, Japan, Weapon X, Department H, The X-Men, X-23) 2
Central and South America (including Costa Verde, Delvadia, El Dorado, City of the Space Gods, Boca Caliente, Barbuda, Nova Roma, Santo Marco, Baron Zemo’s Castle; The Timeline of A.I.M.: World War II, Super Villains, M.O.D.O.K., Going “Legitimate”) 2
Russia (including The Red Room Academy, Khystym, The Republic of Slorenia, Rumekistan, Vorozhekia, Super-Soldier School, Ust-Ordynsky Collective Farm; Red Guardian: Aleksey Lebedev, Alexi Shostakov, Tania Belinskaya, Josef Petkus, Nikolai Krylenko) 2
Black Widow (including Powers; Black Widow’s History: The Red Room, KGB, Avenger and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, Yelena Belova; Locations) 2
Asia and Australia (including Sin-Cong, Valley of Spirits, Mandarin City/Troy, Temple of Cyttorak, Madripoor, Chaparanga Beach, Monster Island, The Ant Hill, Reavers’ Australian Base, The Circle, The Hellfire Academy School for Mutants; Agents of Atlas: The Atlas Foundation, Jimmy Woo, Agents of Atlas) 2
The Avengers (including Original Members: Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk; Key Members: Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hercules, Black Panther, Vision, Black Widow, Beast, Wonder Man, Captain Marvel (Danvers), Falcon, She-Hulk, Spectrum, Mockingbird, War Machine, Sub-Mariner, Quasar, Spider-Man, Ant-Man (Lang), Luke Cage, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Doctor Strange, Rogue, Thor (Foster), Ghost Rider); Avengers’ Bases: Avengers Mansion, Avengers Compound, Avengers Tower, Avengers Mountain) 2
India, Pakistan and the Middle East (including Cairo, Trans-Sabal, Mazikhandar, Passage to K’un-Lun, Monastery (Doom’s armour), Attilan, Kamar-Taj, Quitado) 2
United Kingdom (including Muir Island, Stormhaven Castle, Darkmoor, Cassidey Keep, Falsworth Manor, Braddock Manor, Stonehenge, Tintagel Castle, MI:13 Headquarters, The Lighthouse; The True History of MI:13: S.T.R.I.K.E., RCX, W.H.O., Pete Wisdom, Skrull Invasion) 2
Europe (including Baron Zemo’s Base, Nightcrawler’s Traveling Circus, Castle Frankenstein, The Immortal City, Mjölnir’s Cave, Bagalia, Kingdom of Symkaria, Castle Dracula, Republic of Transia, Mount Olympus; Wundagore Mountain: Morgan le Fay, The Citadel of Science, The Knights of Wundagore, Scarlet Witch) 2
Latveria (including Doomstadt, Folding City, Sintija River, Castle Doom, Latverian Academy of the Sciences, Mount Sorcista, Cynthia Von Doom Memorial Park, Doomsport Airport; The History of Victor Von Doom: Early Years, The Accident, Supreme Monarch, Magic) 2
The Savage Land and Pangea (including Marguerite Bay, Skull Island, War Room X, Sauron’s Citadel, Dinosaur Graveyard, Altar of Death, Ka-Zar’s Home, Hauk’ka City, City of Sickles, Avengers Base Two; Tribes of the Savage Land: Humans and Hominids, Beast-Men, Savage Land Mutates) 2
Atlantis (including Searebro, New Atlantis, Hydrobase/Avengers Island, Kingdom of Lemuria, Kadesh Base, Namor’s Undersea Villa, Tha-Korr, Maritanis, Capital City of Atlantis, Cave of Shadows, Temple of Ophion; History of Atlantis: Ancient Atlantis, The Great Cataclysm, Namor’s Rule, New Atlantis) 2
Krakoa (including The Grove of Theoretical Gates, Akademos Habitat, Bar Sinister, Arena, House of X, Oracle, Transit, Arbor Magna/The Hatchery, Carousel, The White Palace, House of M, The Red Keep, Cradles, Blackstone, Moira’s No-Space, Krakoa in the Atlantic) 2
Subterranea (including Fountain of Youth, Sinister London, Mu, The Abandoned City of the High Evolutionary, Mole Man’s Palace, Lechuguilla, Saurian City, Netherworld, Valley of Diamonds; Subterranean Races: Moloids, Lava Men, Lizard Men, Monsters, Tyrannoids) 2
Africa (including Kingdom of Canaan, Narobia, Mohannda, Republic of Azania, Wakanda, Mbangawi, Temple of Pharaoh Seti, People’s Republic of Burunda, Genosha) 2
Wakanda (including Jabari Village, Birnin T’Chaka, Birnin Djata, Birnin Zana - The Golden City, Birnin Bashenga, Necropolis, Menag Ngan - The Great Mound, Birnin S’yan, Birnin Azzaria, Serpent Valley, Wakandan School for Alternative Studies; The Black Panther: The First Black Panther, T’Challa, Communing with Panthers Past) 2
Near Earth Orbit (including Foundation, Pandora’s Box, Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station, The Peak VII, Asteroid M, Stark Space Station, S.H.I.E.L.D. Space Station, Graymalkin/Avalon; S.W.O.R.D.: Abigail Brand, Alpha Flight) 2
Earth’s Moon (including Blue City, Attilan, Watcher’s Citadel, Blue Area of the Moon, Apollo 11 Landing Site, The Summer House, Tranquilty Gulch) 2
The Solar System (including Titan, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, The Sun, Mercury, Earth, The Orchis Forge) 2
The Ten Realms (including Vanaheim, Midgard, Alfheim, Hel/Niflheim, Svartalfheim, Heven, Nidavellir, Asgard, Muspelheim, Jotunheim; Some of the Different Races of the Ten Realms” Asgardians, Dwarves, Elves) 2
Asgard: Yggdrasil, City of Asgard, Bifrost, Cavern of Time, Valhalla, Realm Below, Nornheim, Isle of Silence, Odin’s Throne Room) 2
Thor (including Powers, The Worthy: Beta Ray Bill, Captain America, Thunderstrike, Thor the Goddess of Thunder) 2
The Universe (including Andromeda Galaxy, The Fault, The Black Galaxy, Shi’ar Galaxy, The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda, The Milky Way, Greater Magellanic Cloud, Fornax; Different Alien Races) 2
The Guardians of the Galaxy (including Star Lord’s Team, 31st Century Team, Knowhere, The 31st Century) 2
Sakaar (including Northern Steppes, The Wastelands, Okini, Fillia, The Maw, The Great Arena, Crown City; The Warbound: Korg, No-Name, Caiera, Miek, Hiroim) 2
Different Dimensions (including The Astral Plane, Microverse, Otherplace/Limbo, Negative Zone, The Dark Dimension, K’un-Lun, Mephisto’s Hell) 2
The Multiverse (including The Marvel Universe Reality-616, Marvel Noir Reality-90214, Squadron Supreme Reality-712, House of M Reality-58163, Marvel 2099 Reality-928, 1602 Reality-311, Age of Apocalypse Reality-295, Animal Earth Reality-8311, The Wastelands Reality-807128, Marvel Zombies Reality-2149, The Ultimate Universe Reality-1610, Days of Future Past Reality-811, The Cancerverse Reality-10011) 4

This was released in a 2nd edition (Scholastic UK, 2022). Two of the maps have been removed: Asia and Australia & India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

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11/12/2022 2:13 pm  #366

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

Kamen America 1
Tomorrow Girl 1

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11/21/2022 10:51 am  #367

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

JUNKYARD JOE #2 (Image/Mad Ghost, Nov 2022)
The Unnamed 2 R (from Geiger #6)

ROGUE STATE #1 (Black Mask, Nov 2022)
untitled map

STRGRL tpb (Sumerian, 2022)
reprints the profiles from the individual issues

VOYAGIS #1 (Image, Nov 2022)
untitled map 1

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12/02/2022 3:12 pm  #368

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

I'll scan this in later because it might be particularly hard to find outside of Canada unless this promo goes on in other countries, but Canadian boxes of Multi-Grain Cheerios have a profile on M'Baku on the outer back of the box.

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12/03/2022 1:14 pm  #369

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

(although not published by Marvel, a few of the maps have been reprinted in Marvel’s 2022 Wakanda series)

Key Characters:
(2 pages total)
Queen Mother Ramonda

Wakanda 2
The Great Mound 2
Warrior Falls 2
Heart-Shaped Herb Garden 2
The Djalla 2
Mute Zones 2
Birnin Azzaria 2
The Wakandan School for Alternative Studies 2
N’Jadaka Village 2
Jabari-Lands 2
Echo Chamber 2
Serpent Valley 2
Alkama Fields 2

Birnin Zana:
Birnin Zana 2
The Tribal Council Chambers 2
The Royal Palace 2
Shuri’s Labs 2
Wakanda Design Group and Laboratories 2
Necropolis: City of the Dead 2
Birnin Zana Marketplace 2
Fort Hahn 2
Upanga 2
Nakia Memorial 2
Techno Jungle 2
Vibranium Mines 2
Resurrection Altar 2

Beyond the Borders:
Niganda 2
Azania 2
Wakandan Embassy 2
Inside the Wakandan Embassy 2
Wellspring of Power 2
Vibranium 2

Interstellar Expansions:
Galaxies of the Intergalactic Empire 2
Planet Bast 2
Planet Agwe 2
Galactic Gate 2

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12/06/2022 3:44 pm  #370

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

ALIEN #3 (Marvel, Jan 2023)
Ovomorph “Egg”

BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #3 Preorder Edition (Valiant, Nov 2022)
Mother 1

Spike Spiegel R
Jet Black R
Faye Valentine R
Vicious R

DAMN THEM ALL #2 (Boom, Nov 2022)
Carlin 1
Pruflas 1

FEAR OF A RED PLANET #1 (AfterShock, Nov 2022)
Atlas-Huŏxīng Gōngsī Corporation Memorandum:
(4 pages total)
Marshal Carolina Law
Dr. Advik Patel
Semyon Semonov
Thierry Garoux
Ned Ludd
Sandra Liao
Randolph Atlas

KAMEN RIDER ZERO ONE #1 (Titan, Dec 2022)
(1 page total)
Aruto Hiden/Zero-One
Isamu Fuwa/Vulcan
Yua Yaiba/Valkyrie

Balag/Master Alagra 1
Zosk Marsin 1
Sabed’s Silent Web 1
Leverage 1

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12/08/2022 3:55 pm  #371

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

LIFE ZERO tpb (Ablaze, 2022)
New Easton Map 1 R

SFX #358 (Future, Nov 2022)
TARDIS Data File:
Ace/Dorothy McShane
Tegan Jovanka

UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #22 (Image, Dec 2022)
The History Buff (rough schematic) 2

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12/22/2022 4:14 pm  #372

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks


It’s Good to Be Bad:
(5 pages total)
Hunter/White Wolf
Silver Surfer
Kraven the Hunter
King Cadaver

Tale of the Tribes:
(1 page total)
The Border Tribe
The River Tribe
The Merchant Tribe
The Mining Tribe
The Jabari Tribe
The Golden Tribe (aka the Panther Tribe)

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12/22/2022 4:15 pm  #373

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks


TVA Glossary:
(1/2 page total)
Sacred Timeline
Time Door
Time Collar
Time Stick
Nexus Event
Reset Charge

Who’s Who:
Loki 6
Mobius 4
Sylvie 4
Ravonna Renslayer 2
Hunter B-15 2
The Time Keepers 2
He Who Remains 2
Classic Loki 2
Kid Loki 2
Other Characters (Miss Minutes, Casey, Boastful Loki, President Loki) 2

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12/22/2022 4:15 pm  #374

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks


The Wild Wonders of the Wilderness:
(10 pages total)
The Colossal Canyon
The Considerable Chasm
The Glorious Geothermal Garden
The Fantastic Fatal Falls
The Titanic Trees
The Dusty Dunes
The Crazy Craterous Lake
The Multitudinous Mineralogical Monuments
The Confounding Consequential Caverns
The Petrified Palace
The Mighty Monstrous River
The Gate to Hell
The Beastly Bouldered Badlands
The Veritable Volcanic Valley
The Magnificent Mountain
The Great White North
The Unclimbable Cliff
The Terrific Tidal Terrain
The Bay of Bountiful Islands
The Sizeable Salt Flats

Kyra Thain 1
Ryjala 1
Anemena 1
Ruined Room 1

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12/23/2022 10:06 am  #375

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

ALIEN #4 (Marvel, Feb 2023)

GOOD BOY: PRODIGAL SON #2 Cover A (Source Point Press, 2022)
Grizzly Sparks 1

JUNKYARD JOE #3 (Image/Mad Ghost, Dec 2022)
The Unnamed 2 R

STAR WARS INSIDER #215 (Titan, Jan 2023)
Pod People:
Captain Raymus Antilles
Princess Leia Organa
Lieutenant Ciena Ree
Gunnery Captain Bolvan
Lieutenant Hija

Boba Fett 1 R
Dengar 1 R
Bellert Valance 1 R
4-LOM & Zuckuss 1 R
Bossk 1 R
IG-88 1 R

TOTAL FILM UK #330 (Future, Nov 2022)
Taking Stock—School Bullies:
(4 pages total)
Biff Tannen
Regina George
Chet Donnelly
Draco Malfoy
Johnny Lawrence
Bob Destepello

VOYAGIS #2 (Image, Dec 2022)
untitled map 1 R

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12/23/2022 12:11 pm  #376

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks


Archie Andrews:
Archie Andrews 2
The Archies 2
Archie Freshman Year 1/2
The New Archies 1/2
Little Archie and His Pals 1
Pureheart the Powerful 1/2
Archie as The Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E. 1/2
Archie's Explorers of the Unknown! 1/2
Archie's Weird Mysteries 1/2
Archie: The Dawn of Time 1/2
Archie 3000! 1/2
Archie 1941 1/2
Archie! 1955 1/2
Archie Meets... 2
Afterlife with Archie 2
Riverdale 2
The Love Triangle 1
Life with Archie 1

Betty Cooper:
Betty Cooper 2
The Archies 2
Little Archie and His Pals 1
Archie Freshman Year 1/2
The New Archies 1/2
Superteen 1/2
Archie's Explorers of the Unknown 1/2
Archie's Weird Mysteries 1/2
Spy Girlz 1/2
Betty's Diary 2
Afterlife with Archie 1
Jughead: The Hunger 1/2
Betty & Veronica: Vixens 1/2
Riverdale 2

Veronica Lodge:
Veronica Lodge 2
The Archies 2
Archie Freshman Year 1/2
The New Archies 1/2
Little Archie and His Pals 1
Spy Girlz 1/2
Archie’s Explorers of the Unknown 1/2
Archie’s Weird Mysteries 1/2
PowerTeen 1/2
Veronica’s Passport 2
Afterlife with Archie 1
Vampironica 1/2
Betty & Veronica: Vixens 1/2
Riverdale 2
Betty and Veronica 2

Jughead Jones:
Jughead Jones 2
The Archies 2
Archie Freshman Year 1/2
The New Archies 1/2
Little Archie and His Pals 1
Captain Hero 1/2
Archie’s Explorers of the Unknown 1/2
Jughead’s Diner 1/2
Archie’s Weird Mysteries 1/2
Jughead’s Time Police 1
J. Jones Semi-Private Eye 1
Afterlife with Archie 1
Jughead: The Hunger 1
Riverdale 1
South Side Serpents 1

Reggie Mantle:
Reggie Mantle 2
The Archies 2
Little Archie and His Pals 1
Archie Freshman Year 1/2
The New Archies 1/2
Evilheart 1
Archie’s Explorers of the Unknown! 1/2
Archie’s Weird Mysteries 1/2
Riverdale 2

Kevin Keller:
Kevin Keller 2
Life with Archie 2
Life with Kevin 2
Riverdale 2

Cheryl Blossom:
Cheryl Blossom 2
Cheryl Blossom, Queen B 2
Afterlife with Archie 1/2
Betty & Veronica: Vixens 1/2
Blossoms 666 1
Riverdale 2

Toni Topaz:
Toni Topaz 2
Riverdale 1.5
South Side Serpents 1/2

Jason Blossom:
Jason Blossom 2
Afterlife with Archie 1/2
Blossoms 666 1/2
Riverdale 1

Dilton Doiley:
Dilton Doiley 2
Dilton’s Strange Science 2
Afterlife with Archie 1
Vampironica 1/2
Jughead: The Hunger 1/2
Riverdale 2

Moose Mason:
Moose Mason 2
Afterlife with Archie 1
Jughead: The Hunger 1

Chuck Clayton 2
Midge Klump 2
Nancy Woods 2
Ethel Muggs 2

The Expanded Teen Cast:
Stacy Banks 1
Eliza Han 1
Ginger Lopez 1/2
Brigitte Reilly 1/2
Harper Lodge 1/2
Marcy McDermott 1/2
Trula Twyst 1/2
Cricket O’Dell 1/2
Frankie Valdez 1/2
Maria Rodriguez 1/2
Raj Patel 1/2
Tina Patel 1/2
Kumi Tamura 1/2
Tomoko Yoshida 1/2
Wendy Weatherbee 1/2
Bella Beazly 1/2
Adam Chisholm 1/2
Toño Diaz 1/2
Sheila Wu 1/2
Avalon “Shrill” Prisston 1/2
Vic “Big Vic” Johnson 1/2
Danny D’Angelo 1/2
Bobbi Suarez 1/2
Chloe Mancuso 1/2
Carla Teal 1/2
Sherry Thyme 1/2
Lawrence “Lonnie Easterman” Renwood 1/2
Rob Montaukett 1/2
Sayid Jamal Ali 1/2
Charlie “Chunk” Charlston 1/2
Simon “Prankenstein” Silverstein 1/2
The Twitters: Mina, Nina, and Tina 1/2
Nick St. Clair 1/3
Sandra “Sandy” Sanchez 1/3
Judy Johnson 1/3
Pencilneck G. 1/3
Zane Zappan 1/3
Jared McGerk 1/3
William 1/4
Wendy 1/4
Devon Walters 1/4
Jerry 1/4
Dede Diaz 1/3
January McAndrews 1/3
Amisha Mehta 1/3
Jinx Malloy 1/2
Randolph 1/2
George 1/3
Brandon 1/3
Jamie 1/3
Priscilla 1/2
Cedric 1/2
Sassy Thrasher 1/2
Joani Jumpp 1/2
Debbie Dalton 1/3
Anita Chavita 1/3
Googie Gilmore 1/3
Bernadette Browniee 1/3
Jenna Jackson 1/3
Juanita 1/3
Max Marcus 1/2
Sophie Waters 1/2
Luke Simon 1/2
Lulu Xu 1/2
Jerry Lopez 1/3
Melonie 1/3
Georgia Wolff 1/3

The Adults:
Pop Tate 1
Fred Andrews 1/2
Mary Andrews 1/2
Hal Cooper 1/2
Alice Cooper 1/2
Polly Cooper 1/2
Chic Cooper 1/2
Hiram Lodge 1/2
Hermione Lodge 1/2
Hubert Smithers 1/2
Gaston 1/2
Forsythe Pendleton Jones, Jr. 1/2
Gladys Jones 1/2
Col. Thomas Keller 1/2
Katherine Keller 1/2
Reginald Mantle Jr. 1/3
Victoria Mantle 1/3
Oliver Mantle 1/3
Clifford Blossom 1/2
Penelope Blossom 1/2

The Expanded Adult Cast:
Eduardo Lopez 1/2
Gloria Lopez 1/2
Ravi Patel 1/2
Mona Patel 1/2
Artie Andrews 1/2
Uncle Herman 1/2

Mr. Waldo Weatherbee 1/2
Ms. Geraldine Grundy 1/2
Prof. Flutesnoot 1/2
Miss Beazly 1/2
Mr. Svenson 1/3
Coach Kleats 1/3
Coach Clayton 1/3

The Expanded Faculty Cast:
Ms. Philips 1/2
V.P. Sanchez 1/2
V.P. Howitzer 1/2
Superintendent Hassle 1/2
Miss Haggly 1/2
Mr. Grimley 1/2
Principal Stanger 1/3
Coach Eng 1/3
Ms. McCone 1/3
Mr. Isaac M. Fine 1/2
Ms. Amanda Ashton 1/2
Ms. Kamini Ganesh 1/2
Ms. Petra Lauriette 1/2
“Mama B” Johnson 1/3
Segarini 1/3
Dr. Clay Walker 1/3
Fred Mirth 1/3
Jo Jobanpotra 1/3
Moe Miller 1/3
Simon Crikey 1/4
Ilana Robbins 1/4
Shira 1/4
Amy Learsi 1/4
Alexis Click 1/4
Ian Duncan 1/4
Ariel St. Clair 1/4
“Big” Mike Singer 1/4
Daphne Weller 1/4
Davey Larsen 1/4
Dave Klonsky 1/4
Gareth McGraw 1/4
Sheila Watson 1/4
Eric Nostrand 1/4
Sharon Roper 1/4
Keith Diamond 1/4
Louise Harkins 1/4
Rita Lovely 1/4
J.J. Harmon 1/4
Wendell Simmons 1/4
Nick Elroy 1/4
Mike Baker 1/4
Gwen Giles 1/4

The Kiddies and the Pets!:
Ambrose Pipps 1/2
Evelyn Evernever 1/2
Fangs Fogarty 1
Sue Stringly 1/2
Penny Peabody 1/2
Forsythia “Jellybean” Jones 1/2
Souphead 1/4
Leroy Lodge 1/4
Denise Keller 1/4
Patty Keller 1/4
Teresa Lopez 1/4
Eliza Lopez 1/4
Hot Dog 1/2
Vegas 1/4
Spotty 1/4
Runty 1/2
Caramel 1/4
Fifi 1/4

Welcome to Greendale!:
Sabrina Spellman 2
Little Sabrina 1/2
Sabrina at Gravestone Heights 1/2
Sabrina: The Animated Series 1/2
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 1/2
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 2
Hilda Spelman 1/2
Zelda Spellman 1/2
Salem Saberhagen 1/2
Harvey Kinkle 1/2
Ambrose Pipps 1/3
Uncle Quiggly 1/3
Enchantra 1/3
Madam Satan 2/3
Della 1/3
Amber Nightstone 2

The Expanded Sabrina Cast:
Cousin Esmeralda 1/3
Roz 1/3
Gem Stone 1/3
Shinji Yagami 1/4
Bruce Van Klood 1/4
Amy Reinhardt 1/4
Liandra da Silva 1/4
Queen Seles 1/4
Narayan 1/4
Greta 1/4
Chloe 1/4
Cleara 1/4
Eyeda 1/4
Chip 1/4
Ms. Reaper 1/4

Welcome to Josie and the Pussycats!:
Josie McCoy 6
Valerie Smith 4
Melody Valentine 2
Trevor Smith 1
Alexandra and Alexander Cabot 1
Pepper Smith 1
Alan M. Mayberry 1/2
Albert 1/4
Sock 1/4

Welcome to Katy Keene!:
Katy Keene 4
MacKenzie (Sis) Keene 1
K.O. Kelly 1
Gloria Gold 1/4
Keisha DuBois 1/4
Randy Van Ronson 1/4

Welcome to Jinx!:
Li’l Jinx Holliday 2
Jinx 1
Jughead the Hunger Versus Vampironica 1/2
Jinx Grim Fairy Tales 1/2
Charely Hawse 1/3
Greg 1/3
Mort 1/3
Gigi 1/3
Roz 1/3
Russ 1/3
Hap Holliday 1
Mery Holliday 1

Welcome to Cosmo!:
Cosmo 1
Orbi 1/2
Jojo 1/2
Astra 1/2
Medulla 1/4
Max Strongjaw 1/4
Professor Thimk 1/2
Dr. Beatnik 1/2
Hesper 1
Boudica 1/2
Cleo 1/4
Shih 1/4

Welcome to… Everyone Else!:
Bingo Wilkin 1
Woodrow Wilkin II 1/2
Wilma Wilkin 1/21
Samantha Smythe 1/4
Sampson Smythe 1/4
Sheila Smythe 1/4
Teddy Tambourine 1/4
Buddy Drumhead 1/4
Zelda Maxson 1/4
Dimples Delush 1/4
Rebel 1/4
Noelle Claus 1/3
Jingles the Elf 1/3
Sugarplum 1/3
Trick 1/2
Treat 1/2
Ginger Snapp 1
Dottie 1/3
Ickky 1/3
Tommy Turner 1/3
Suzie 1
Ferdie 1/2
Angela the Angel 1/4
Gregory Von Dripp 1/4
Wilbur Wilkin 1/2
Red Wilson 1/4
Slats Morgan 1/4
Laurie Lake 1/2
Linda Moore 1/2
Dotty and Ditto 1/4
Pat the Brat 1/4
Shrimpy 1/4
Pipsqueak 1/4
Clyde Didit and the Madhouse Glads 1
Dan Didit 1/2
Dick Didit 1/4
Dippy Didit 1/4
Fran the Fan 1/2
Rod the Mod 1/2
Seymour 1
Young Dr. Masters 1
Jake Chang 1/3
Fu Chang 1/3
Tay Ming 1/3
Sam Hill 1
Super Duck 1
Uwanna 1/2
Fauntleroy 1/2
Kardak the Mystic 1/4
Bentley of Scotland Yard 1/4
Lee Sampson 1/4
Midshipman 1/4
Mad Doctor Doom 1/2
Chester Plunkett 1/2
Danny in Wonderland 1/3
Gloomy Gus 1/3
Dick Storm 1/3
Cubby the Bear 1/3
Squoimy the Worm 1/3
Bumbie the Bee-tective 1/3
Captain Sprocket 1/2
Mighty Chick 1/2
Super Snail 1/3
Captain Pumpernik 1/3
The Blips 1/3
Captain Commando 1/2
Captain Flag 1/4
Captain Valor 1/4
Doc Reeves 1/4
Gypsy Johnson 1/4
Hercules 1/4
Marco Loco 1/4
Penny Parker 1/2
Pokey Oakey 1/4
Stacey Knight, M.D. 1/4
Fran Frazer 1/2
Dover Boys 1/2
Chester Cool 1/2
Lester Square 1/2
Sergeant Boyle 1/2
Rang a Tang the Wonder Dog 1/4
Catfish Joe 1/4

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12/23/2022 12:42 pm  #377

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

Superman and the Birth of the Super Heroes 2
Batman: Dark Knight Detective 2
First Meeting of the Justice Society of America 2
For America and Democracy 2
Wonder Woman Arrives in Man’s World 2
When He was a Boy 2
The Injustice Society of the World 2
The Mightiest Team in the World 2
The Legion of Super-Heroes 2
The Justice League of America 2
The Flash of Two Worlds 2
Crisis on Earth-One and Crisis on Earth-Two 2
Crisis on Earth-Three and the Most Dangerous Earth of All 2
The Teen Titans: Birth of Teen Teams 2
Zatanna’s Search 2
Secret Origin of the Guardians 2
Fourth World 6
The Great Disaster 2
Crisis on Earth-Prime 2
The Great Darkness Saga 2
Crisis on Infinite Earths 6
Watchmen 2
Legends 4
The Reinvention of Batman 2
Millennium 4
Batman: The Killing Joke 2
The Janus Directive 2
Invasion! 4
War of the Gods 2
The Death of Superman 2
Reign of the Supermen 2
Batman: Knightfall 4
Zero Hour: Crisis in Time 6
Worlds Collide: The Fall of Metropolis 2
Underworld Unleashed 2
The Flash: Dead Heat 2
The Final Night 2’Genesis 2
Batman: Cataclysm 2
DC One Million 2
Day of Judgment 2
Our Worlds at War 6
Identity Crisis 2
Countdown to Infinite Crisis 2
Infinite Crisis 6
Seven Soldiers 2
Sinestro Corps War 2
Countdown to Final Crisis 2
Final Crisis 2
Blackest Night 2
Brightest Day 4
New Krypton 2
Flashpoint 6
The New 52 2
Batman: Night of the Owls 2
Rotworld 2
Throne of Atlantis 2
Batman: Zero Year 2
Forever Evil 4
The Multiversity 2
Convergence 4
DC Rebirth 2
Superman Reborn 2
Dark Nights: Metal 2
Doomsday Clock 2
Justice League: No Justice 2
Heroes in Crisis 2
Dark Nights: Death Metal 4
Future State: Infinite Frontier 2

(1/3 page each)
The Origin of Captain Marvel Jr.
Superman, Matinee Idol
The Planet That Came to a Standstill!
Wanted—the Capsule Master!
Twilight of the Challengers!
Superman’s Race with The Flash!
Hard traveling heroes
The Unknown Soldier of Victory
Apokolips Now
Hunt for the Doom Patrol
The Judas Contract
Cosmic Odyssey
The Darkness Within
Panic in the Sky!
The Wake!
Chain Lightning
The Joker’s Last Laugh
Public Enemies
Batman: War Drums
Amazons Attack!
Rise of the Third Army
Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

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1/13/2023 10:33 am  #378

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

WAR PARTY #1 (Rampart Press, 2022)

Skinwalkers 1

The Characters:
Dyani 1
James Ashworth 1/2
Thomas Longstaff 1/2
John Ashworth 1/2
Joseph Ashworth 1/2
Bastien de la Fontaine 1/2
Sarah Ashworth 1/2
Rowtag 1/2
Tarlo 1/2
Lt. Colonel Cooke 1/2
Colonel Rolfe 1/2
Fannie McKendrick Cooke 1/2
Marquis de Leroux 1/2
Matwau 1/2
Tawa 1/2

A War-Torn Land (including “Tracking the War Party” map) 2
The Transformation Ritual 2
Powers and Abilities 2

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1/13/2023 10:34 am  #379

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

BOOK OF SLAUGHTER #1 (Boom, Dec 2022)
Selection 1
The Totem 1
The Sacrement of Initiation 1
The Mark of the Order 1
Hunter’s Training 1
White Mask 1/2
Black Mask 1/2
The Sacrement of the Hunt 1
Earning Your Teeth 1
Apprenticeship 1
Loss of Sight 1
The Blind Hunt 1
The Sacrament of Trepanation 1
Scarlet Mask 1/2
Azure Mask 1/2
Advanced Apprenticeship 1
Silver Mask 1/2
Emerald Mask 1/2
The Council 1
The Dragon 1
The House 1
The Congregation of Houses 2
The Great House of St. George 1
Violet Mask 1
The Dragon King 1
The Tomb of St. George 1

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1/13/2023 10:35 am  #380

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #4 Preorder Edition (Valiant, Dec 2022)
SGT Michael Verlane 1
Hobbes 1

CATEGORY ZERO: CONFLICT #1 (Scout, Oct 2022)
Jade 1
Lewis 1
Rio 1
Sophie 1
Maria 1
Jim 1

MERCY SPARX: OMNIBUS VOL. 2 (Devil’s Due, 2021)
reprints Mercy Sparx: "Who the F#¢k?!"

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1/18/2023 11:06 am  #381

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

Earth 2121 1
The Resistants 2

The Resistants:
Interval 2
Adam 2
Fulcrum 2
Grim 2
Melee 2
Kestrel 2
Declan 2

Takeo Corporate-State:
Takeo C-S 2
The Surgeon 2
Kayla 2
I.A.P. Alpha 2
Charlie P.O.D.S. 2
Delta P.O.D.S. 2

Hunters & Mercs:
The Drylands 1
Marketplaces 1
Scrapper 2
Polyzena 2
Darius 2
Wartoy 2
Dawne 2
T.L. 2
Chun 2
Kona 2

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1/18/2023 11:33 am  #382

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

Who’s Who in the Knights of the Dinner Table:

Knights of the Dinner Table:
Boris Alphonzo Felton 1/2
Robert Samuel Herzog Jr. 1/2
David Harcord Boswell 1/2
Sara Ashley Felton 1/2
Johnny “The Crit Man” Kizinski 1/2
Brian Montgomery 1/2

Black Hands:
Victor “Nitro” Fergueson 1/2
“Weird” Pete Ashton 1/2
Stevil Van Hostile 1/3
Gordon “Gordo” Sheckberry 1/3
Newt Forager 1/3

Patty’s Perps:
Patty Edna Gauzweiller 1/3
Chadrick “Chad” Aquillar 1/3
Reese Tyler Aquilar 1/6
Mona “Mo” Wert-Russo 1/6
Eddie “Tank” Ramirez 1/3
Leslie “Crutch” Humphries 1/3
Lloyd Dabrowski 1/3

The Dorm Troopers:
Sheila Falna Horowitz 1/3
Greg Spears 1/3
Grover Grundig 1/3
Bridget Keating 1/2
Whitey Moran 1/2

Logan’s Heroes:
Jack “Flack Jack” Monty 1/4
Cody Winkle 1/4
Logan Formax 1/6
Tyrone “Ty” Ferfel 1/6
Dirk Zuggard 1/6

Team Havoc:
John Lee 1/4
Vince Dwyer 1/4
Troy Quincy Watson 1/4
Pat “Lanky” Grogan 1/4

Other Characters of the Muncieverse…:
Troy Kimble 1/6
Trishia “Trish” Madly 1/6
Colonel Prowler 1/6
Sam Patterson 1/6
Ivan the Door Nazi 1/6
Detective Doug Tandy 1/6
Robert Herzog Sr. 1/5
Hunter Herzog 1/5
Croix Herzog 1/5
Morey “Pappy” Felton 1/5
Squirrely 1/5
Eli “Hawg” Wallers 1/5
Earl Julius Slackmozer 1/5
Jake Berlin 1/5
Martin “Switch” Wujcik 1/5
Asa Poverly McFarland 1/5
Rikki Pineda 1/8
Travis Mengel 1/8
Brooke Miller 1/8
Tammy Felton 1/8
Rachel Dunn 1/6
Norman Bowzer 1/6
Josh Everhardt 1/6

Hard 8 Enterprises:
Gary Thadius Jackson 1/2
Heidi “The Dragon Lady” Jackson 1/2
Joseph Josiah “Jo Jo” Zeke 1/3
Pete “Skip” Skipowski 1/3
‘Waco’ Bob Forsey 1/3
Tuley Priswinkle 1/3
Wes Hightower 1/3
Shelly Brewer 1/3
Jessie Reynolds 1/4
Juan Sanchez 1/4
The Shadow People 1/4
Antignano Brothers 1/4

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1/19/2023 10:31 am  #383

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

ALIEN #5 (Marvel, Mar 2023)

MAEVE #1 (Red 5, Dec 2022)
(1 page total)
King Eochaid
Druid Riona

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1/23/2023 8:36 am  #384

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

C.R.O.W.BAR NINE 80 Page Giant #1 (Floating World Comics & Power Comics, 2022)
Secret Files:
(2 pages total; may have also appeared in the original issues)
C:1 Ron “Moses” Mally
C:2 Psi-Clone/Psyclone
C:3 Chaingang
C:4 Photon
C:5 Blurr
C:6 Demolitia
C:7 G-Force
C:8 Quake
C:9 Slate

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1/25/2023 11:14 am  #385

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

BOOK OF SHADOWS #3 Preorder Edition (Valiant, Jan 2023)

The Veil 2 (actual title: "Pull Back the Veil")

Valiant’s Dark Defenders:
Shadowman 1/2
Persephone 1/2

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1/25/2023 11:51 am  #386

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

INFERNO GIRL RED #1 (Image, Jan 2023)
Helix Campus map 1

Pacemaker costume schematic 1/2

reprints Star Wars Handbook: X-Wing Rogue Squadron

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2/01/2023 2:57 pm  #387

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

ANCIENT ENEMIES #2 (Frank Miller Presents, 2022)
What’s What?:
The Greater Good  1/3
Morrigan Bonny 1/3
Racer Girl 1/3
Mr. Gruntle 1/3
Evergreen 1/3
Big Sister 1/3
The Wraith 1
The Djinni 1
First Responder 1

CATEGORY ZERO: CONFLICT #2 (Scout, Dec 2022)
Noah 1
Neve 1
Megan 1
Freya 1
Dan 1
Miles 1

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2/03/2023 3:24 pm  #388

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

LEGO DC CHARACTER ENCYCLOPEDIA—NEW EDITION by Elizabeth Dowsett, Simon Hugo, and Cavan Scott (DK, 2022)
(1 page each; sub-titles only listed when there are multiple versions)

Chapter One: Superman and Friends
Clark Kent
Superman—Last Son of Krypton
Superman—The Man of Steel
Superman—Suited and Rebooted
Lois Lane—Daily Planet Reporter
Lois Lane—Star of the Daily Planet
Colonel Hardy
Cosmic Boy

Chapter Two: Superman’s Enemies
Lex Luthor—LexCorp Leader
Lex Luthor—Superman’s Greatest Enemy
Lex Luthor—Redeemed Rogue?
General Zod

Chapter Three: Heroes of Gotham City
Bruce Wayne—Crime-Fighting Billionaire
Bruce Wayne—The Man Behind the Mask
Bruce Wayne—Sharp Dresser & Sharp Thinker
The Drifter
Alfred—Faithful Friend
Alfred—Batman’s Butler
Alfred—Gentleman’s Gentleman
Alfred—Batman’s Right-Hand Man
Batman—The Man in Black
Batman—The Caped Crusader
Batman—Back with a “Bam!”
Batman—The Dark Knight
Batman—The Original
Batman—Electro Suit Shocker
Batman—Blowing Hot and Cold
Batman—Ready for Anything
Space Batman
Batman—High Flyer
Batman—Deep-Sea Detective
Batman—Bat on the Water
Batman of Zur-En-Arrh
Batman—Crazy Costumes
Batman—All Mixed Up
Batman—The Stripy Knight
Batman—Guardian of Gotham
Dick Grayson—Ward of Wayne Manor
Dick Grayson—Starstruck Orphan
Robin—The Boy Wonder
Robin—Trusted Sidekick
Robin—Teenage Wonder
Robin—Jason Todd
Robin—Tim Drake
Robin—Damian Wayne—The Son of Batman
Nightwing—Boy Wonder No More
Nightwing—Going Solo
Nightwing—Solo Flyer
Commissioner Gordon—Chief of Gotham City Police
Commissioner Gordon—Experienced Detective
Commissioner Gordon—Ready for Retirement
Barbara Gordon
Batgirl—Chief of Police in Disguise
Batgirl—The Commissioner’s Daughter
Gotham Goodies (including Bat-Mite, Vicki Vale, Blue Beetle)

Chapter Four: Gotham City Rogues
The Joker—The Clown Prince of Crime
The Joker—Giggling Gangster
The Joker—The Dark Knight’s Darkest Villain
The Joker—Mime Artist
The Joker—The Prankster of Plots
The Joker—Cackling Criminal
The Joker—Arkham Inmate
The Joker—Still Thinks He’s Funny
The Joker’s Henchman—No Clowning Around
The Joker’s Henchman—The Grumpy Goon
Catwoman—Purring Plunderer
Catwoman—Kitten-Sized Criminal
Catwoman—Gotham City’s Number-One Cat Burglar
Selina Kyle
The Penguin—Antarctic Adversary
The Penguin—Wrapped Up Warm for Winter
The Penguin—Free as a Bird
The Penguin—Dapper Flapper
The Penguin—Falling Fowl of the Law
Kabuki Twin
The Riddler—Crime in the Fast Lane
The Riddler—An Enigma
The Riddler—Gotham City’s Clued-Up Criminal
The Riddler—Questionable Criminal
Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn—Deadly Jester
Harley Quinn—Tricolor Trickster
Harley Quinn—Humorous High Roller
Harley Quinn—Diamond Deviant
The Scarecrow—Master of Fear
The Scarecrow—Man of Straw
The Scarecrow—Cut from the Wrong Cloth
Poison Ivy—Twisted by Nature
Poison Ivy—Green-Fingered Villain
Two-Face—Split Down the Middle
Two-Face—A Man Divided
Two-Face’s Henchman One
Two-Face’s Henchman Two
Two-Face—Don’t Get on His Bad Side
Mr. Freeze—Coldhearted Scientist
Mr. Freeze—Chilled-Out Criminal
Mr. Freeze—Villain Out in the Cold
Mr. Freeze—Still as Cold as Ice
Bane—Brawn and Brains Combined
Bane—Bane of Batman
Rā's al Ghūl
Talia al Ghūl
Beastly Monsters (including Zebra-Man, Tarantula)
Quirky Criminals (including Magpie, Kite Man, Calendar Man)
Miscreant Medley (including Polka-Dot Man, Gentleman Ghost, Crazy Quilt)
Food Fighters (including Scarecrow—Pizza Delivery, Condiment King, Egghead)
Killer Croc—Cold-Blooded Crook
Killer Croc—Reptilian Rogue
Captain Boomerang
Killer Moth
Bronze Tiger

Chapter Five: Justice League and Their Allies
The Flash—Justice League Founder
The Flash—The Fastest Man Alive
The Flash (Garrick)
Aquaman—Crown Prince of Atlantis
Aquaman—Justice Fighter
Aquaman—Underwater Ruler
Green Lantern (Jordan)
Green Lantern (Stewart)
Green Lanterns (Baz & Cruz)
Green Arrow—Angry Archer
Green Arrow—The Emerald Archer
The Martian Manhunter
Plastic Man
Black Lightning
Mister Miracle
Star Girl
Shazam!—The World’s Mightiest Mortal
Shazam!—Little Kid-Turned-Champion-of-Magic
Wonder Woman—Amazonian Princess
Wonder Woman—Golden Age Hero
Wonder Woman—Warrior from Themyscira
Wonder Woman—Fighting for Justice
Wonder Woman—Hero of Asteria
Etta Candy
Steve Trevor
Beast Boy

Chapter Six: Justice League Beware!
Gorilla Grodd
Captain Cold
Black Manta
The Cheetah (Rich)
The Cheetah (Minerva)
Justice League Enemies (including Killer Frost, Ocean Master, Maxwell Lord)

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2/03/2023 4:52 pm  #389

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

Interval 1
Adam (mistitled "Interval") 1
Fulcrum 1
Takeo Corporate-State 1

Interval 1 R
Kestrel 1
The Surgeon 1/2
Kayla 1/2
Alpha I.A.P. 1

Fulcrum 1 R
Melee 1
Bravo I.A.P. 1
Charlie P.O.D.S. 1
Scrapper 1

Adam 1 R (with correct title)
Grim 1
Delta P.O.D.S. 1
Echo P.O.D.S. 1

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2/11/2023 12:27 pm  #390

Re: Non-Marvel Handbooks

ALIEN #6 (Marvel, Apr 2023)
Steel Team

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