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4/22/2020 4:17 pm  #1

Saturday Morning Fever: The Shows

This is one of two posts intended to pay tribute to the strangeness of Saturday morning TV. I might expand this later, but for now the goal is to highlight stuff that is a bit weird even by Saturday morning TV standards. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends was a great show, but as a whole it's not that strange and thus beyond the scope of this post. I'm looking more for the really weird stuff. This post is devoted to shows, live action or cartoons. Where possible include a link to en episode of the show, highlights, or the theme song.

Turbo Teen: Heat would turn a teenager into a sports car while cold (even ice cream) would turn him back into a teenager.

Rubik the Amazing Cube: The adventures of a sentient Rubik's cube.

Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam: It if was just the Hero High and Shazam! cartoon sequences, this probably wouldn't make the list, but there werealso  live action bits with the hero high characters telling kids cornball jokes and singing bizarre songs, like Jimmy Pop below. These push the show into the weird territory. If you want to skip the jokes, Jimmy Pop starts at 3:56.


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4/27/2020 5:16 pm  #2

Re: Saturday Morning Fever: The Shows

Marvel Superheroes: While not the first cartoon series (an umbrella title for various solo cartoons with Marvel characters) to have very limited animation, seeing cartoons with established characters only moving a single arm, etc is quite funny. Plus, the show, which largely animated panels from comics, was not overly concerned with continuity. For example, in the link below to a Sub_mariner cartoon, the look of Doctor Doom's mask keeps changing back and forth depending on which comic the art was animated from.

Thing cartoon (from Fred & Barney Meet the Thing, and later Fred & Barney Meet the Schmoo): The Thing is reworked as teenager Benjy Grimm. When he says, "Thing Ring, do your thing!" and taps two rings together (one on each hand; it's unclear which of the two rings is the Thing Ring), rocks fly at him without him freaking out, and he becomes the Thing

The Harlem Globetrotters Meet Snow White: This four part story first aired as part of Fred & Barney Meet the Schmoo. The title says it all: the story of Snow White with the Harlem Globetrotters added. The good news is the storyline did wrap up in the final part.

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