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7/15/2022 6:57 am  #1

Strange Moments in Shows and Movies

Similar to Loki's They Didn't Think This Through thread under comics, this is for odd moments in shows and movies. Things that are not necessarily "wrong" (though they can be) but more, "Why would they do that?"

In the DC Live Update 2022 thread I posted this video a few hours ago from Batman 1989:

Notice the bit at the 16s mark where the newscasters announce the deaths of models Candy Walker and Amanda Keeler. Keep in mind that this is before the Joker cuts in with the Smylex sequence. If you look at the photo the news station uses, it clearly shows the models already dead by Joker venom. So this particular news station, when announcing people's deaths, shows photo of their corpses rather than a photo of them taken while they were still alive, like most other news stations would do? It seems like the news station shares the Joker's macabre sense of humour.

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