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2/02/2023 7:23 am  #1

Buy, buy, buy!!!

New thread idea. Not actually trying to sell things to anyone, but if you learn of something...fannish that you think (a) others here might be interested in, and more crucially, (b) might not hear about, especially if they might become unavailable after a very short time, then post about them here, in the spirit of spreading the word so fellow fans do not miss out.

And to start this, I've just learned that the UK Royal Mail are releasing some X-Men related stamps and related goodies on Feb 16th. 


2/05/2023 8:06 am  #2

Re: Buy, buy, buy!!!

If there are any fans of the 2000 A.D. character Johnny Alpha, star of the series Strontium Dog, there's a Kickstarter right now for a Strontium Dog statue. 

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