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3/03/2023 2:17 pm  #1

The Daily Star (Earth-2)

The Daily Star (Earth-2)

Classification: Newspaper

Location/Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: More Fun Comics #7 (October 1935)

History: The Daily Star is a prominent newspaper in New York City, covering news from all over the city, including the activities of various superheroes and supervillains. Founded in the late 19th century, the paper has had a long and storied history of investigative journalism and breaking major stories.

Notable Employees:

    George Taylor: Longtime editor-in-chief of the Daily Star, known for his dedication to uncovering the truth and his ability to cultivate talented young journalists.
    Clark Kent: Former reporter for the Daily Star before joining the rival Daily Planet. Known for his ability to get the scoop on even the most elusive stories.
    Lois Lane: Former reporter for the Daily Star before joining the Daily Planet. Known for her fearless reporting and her romantic relationship with Superman.

Enemies: The Daily Star has made many enemies over the years, including corrupt politicians, organized crime syndicates, and even some supervillains who resent the paper's relentless pursuit of the truth.

Allies: The Daily Star has a longstanding tradition of supporting the heroes of New York City, and has often worked closely with Superman, Batman, and other costumed crimefighters to uncover and expose criminal activities. Additionally, the paper has many loyal readers and supporters throughout the city who appreciate its dedication to honest and fearless reporting.

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Re: The Daily Star (Earth-2)

Actual first appearance of course was Action Comics #1. It was based in Metropolis.

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3/05/2023 4:20 am  #3

Re: The Daily Star (Earth-2)

Also, one of the distinctions between Earth-2 and Earth-1 was that the Daily Planet was the Earth-1 counterpart of Earth-2's Daily Star. Thus, Earth-2's Clark and Lois not only never joined the Planet staff, but Clark eventually succeeded George Taylor as the Star's editor-in-chief.


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