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3/06/2023 7:41 pm  #1

Donna Noble

Name: Donna Noble
Aliases: The Doctor Donna, The Most Important Woman in the Universe
Occupation: Temp worker, companion to the Doctor

Height: 5'7"
Weight: Classified
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Known superhuman powers: None.

Abilities: Donna is highly intelligent and resourceful, with a strong intuition and a quick wit. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has shown proficiency in driving and piloting various vehicles.

History: Donna Noble was a temp worker in Chiswick, London who encountered the Tenth Doctor during an alien invasion. After narrowly escaping the danger, Donna was left with a desire for adventure and a fascination with the Doctor. She later reunited with the Doctor and became his companion, traveling through time and space and encountering various alien threats.

During her adventures, Donna was exposed to a large amount of the Time Lord's knowledge, which caused her to temporarily become the Doctor Donna, a fusion of her consciousness and that of the Doctor. This resulted in greatly enhanced intelligence and abilities, but was ultimately unsustainable and dangerous. The Doctor was forced to wipe her memory to prevent her from suffering permanent brain damage.

Despite this traumatic event, Donna continued to accompany the Doctor on his travels until they were eventually separated due to the danger she posed to herself and others as the Doctor Donna. She later returned to Earth, where she lived a normal life but retained a sense of adventure and a deep respect for the Doctor.

Equipment: Donna has utilized various gadgets and devices throughout her travels with the Doctor, including a sonic pen and a timey-wimey detector. She has also been known to carry a large purse containing various essentials for her travels.

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