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3/11/2023 5:19 pm  #1

Automan (TV Version)


Real Name: Automan
Alias: None
Occupation: Computer Program
Height: 6'0"
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Blue
Hair: N/A

History: Automan is a computer program created by a brilliant computer scientist named Walter Nebicher. Automan was designed to be a crime-fighting superhero, capable of creating a physical form from pure energy. He was brought to life by Walter's imagination and was able to interact with the physical world in ways that no other superhero could. Automan is able to create anything he imagines, including vehicles, weapons, and even other physical forms. Despite his incredible powers, Automan is still limited by the scope of Walter's imagination and the amount of energy available to him.

Abilities: Automan possesses incredible strength, speed, and agility, making him a formidable fighter. He is also able to create objects and vehicles out of pure energy, which he can use to aid him in his crime-fighting missions. Additionally, Automan is able to transform into a variety of different forms, including a car, a helicopter, and even a motorcycle.

Equipment: Automan's main weapon is his "laser," a beam of pure energy that he can use to destroy objects and disable his enemies. He is also able to create other weapons and gadgets as needed, including a "handcuff" that can immobilize his opponents.

Personality: Automan is a stoic and serious superhero, focused solely on his mission to fight crime. He is not easily swayed by emotions and is always looking for the most efficient and effective way to complete his tasks. Despite his robotic demeanor, Automan has a strong sense of justice and cares deeply for the safety of innocent people.

Weaknesses: Automan's powers are limited by the amount of energy available to him, which can sometimes make him vulnerable in combat. Additionally, Automan is completely reliant on Walter to exist, meaning that if Walter were to die or be incapacitated, Automan would cease to exist. Automan is also unable to fully understand or experience human emotions, which can sometimes make it difficult for him to connect with others.

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