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3/11/2023 6:08 pm  #1

Ecchs-Men (Not Brand Ecch)

Team Name: The Ecchs-Men

Team Members:

    Colossus (Peter Potamus)
    Cyclops (Cyclops the Optometrist)
    Storm (Harriet Hanky)
    Nightcrawler (Nightcrawdad)
    Wolverine (Lobo, the Wolf Boy)

First Appearance: Not Brand Ecch #1

History: The Ecchs-Men were a humorous parody of the X-Men, created for Marvel's Not Brand Ecch comic book series. Unlike their serious counterparts, the Ecchs-Men were a group of bumbling misfits who were more likely to cause chaos than save the day.

Abilities: The Ecchs-Men possessed no superhuman abilities, but they each had their own unique skills and quirks. Colossus (Peter Potamus) was a giant, hippopotamus-like creature with the ability to turn to steel. Cyclops (Cyclops the Optometrist) had the power to shoot optic beams from his glasses, but he was also extremely near-sighted. Storm (Harriet Hanky) had the power to control the weather, but her abilities often backfired and caused more harm than good. Nightcrawler (Nightcrawdad) had the ability to teleport short distances, but he was also slow and clumsy. Wolverine (Lobo, the Wolf Boy) had sharp claws and a healing factor, but he was also a wild and uncontrollable beast.

Equipment: The Ecchs-Men had no special equipment, but they often used improvised weapons such as umbrellas, telephones, and fish.

Personality: The Ecchs-Men were a group of lovable losers who tried their best to be heroes but often failed miserably. They were each quirky and eccentric in their own way, with Colossus (Peter Potamus) being overly dramatic, Cyclops (Cyclops the Optometrist) being nerdy and insecure, Storm (Harriet Hanky) being ditzy and accident-prone, Nightcrawler (Nightcrawdad) being slow-witted but good-natured, and Wolverine (Lobo, the Wolf Boy) being a wild and uncontrollable beast.

Weaknesses: The Ecchs-Men were extremely uncoordinated and often caused more harm than good. They were also easily distracted and prone to arguing amongst themselves, which made them vulnerable to attacks by their enemies. Additionally, their lack of coordination and experience often led to their defeat in battle.

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3/11/2023 6:09 pm  #2

Re: Ecchs-Men (Not Brand Ecch)

Mostly incorrect. In fact most of the characters ChatGPT uses as the source characters weren't even around in the 1960s

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