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4/03/2023 6:44 am  #1

Echo (Dollhouse)

Echo (Real name: Caroline Farrell)

Affiliations: The Dollhouse

Base of Operations: The Dollhouse, Los Angeles

First Appearance: Dollhouse #1 (2009)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Varies (due to her ability)


    Expert martial artist and marksman.
    Can access skills and knowledge of other personalities implanted in her mind.
    Can adapt to any situation by changing her personality traits.
    Healing factor due to her brain being imprinted with regenerative properties.
    Photographic memory.

Caroline Farrell was a talented college student who became involved with the "Dollhouse" organization, where individuals' minds could be wiped and replaced with new personalities for various missions. After agreeing to work for the Dollhouse, Caroline's memories were erased, and she became Echo, a "doll" with a new personality programmed for each mission. Despite being stripped of her identity, Echo retained some of Caroline's memories and feelings, leading her to question the morality of the Dollhouse and the true nature of her existence.

As Echo, she completed various missions for the Dollhouse, but her true purpose was to act as an experimental subject for a technology that would allow her to permanently retain her imprinted personalities. After discovering the plan, Echo worked with her handler, Paul Ballard, to take down the Dollhouse and free the other "dolls."

Following the collapse of the Dollhouse, Echo continued to use her abilities to help others, becoming a vigilante of sorts, taking on various personas to help people in need.

Strength Level:
Echo possesses the strength level of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in regular exercise.

Echo is typically outfitted with various gadgets and weapons provided by the Dollhouse, including firearms, tazers, and other equipment as needed for her missions.

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