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4/03/2023 7:22 am  #1

Electra Woman


Real Name: Lori/ElectraWoman

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Crimefighter

Affiliations: DynaGirl, Frank Heflin

Enemies: The Sorcerer, Glitter Rock, Ali Baba, the Spider Lady

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: ElectraBase

First Appearance: Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (1976)

Powers/Abilities: ElectraWoman wears a costume that enhances her strength, agility, and endurance. She also carries an "ElectraCom" device, which has numerous functions, including a telepathic communicator, a homing device, and a laser beam. ElectraWoman is a skilled fighter and detective, and she has an extensive knowledge of electronics and computers.

Height: 5' 8" (variable)

Weight: 120 lbs. (variable)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

History: Lori is a young woman who, along with her partner DynaGirl, fights crime as ElectraWoman. She uses her skills and gadgets to take down various villains, including the Sorcerer, Glitter Rock, Ali Baba, and the Spider Lady.

Comments: ElectraWoman was a live-action TV show aimed at children that aired from 1976 to 1977. The show starred Deidre Hall as ElectraWoman and Judy Strangis as DynaGirl. The characters were created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, who also created Scooby-Doo.

ElectraWoman was later parodied in the 2001 comedy film "ElectraWoman and DynaGirl" starring Markie Post as ElectraWoman and Anne Stedman as DynaGirl.

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