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Name: Ben/Gryphon

Aliases: Gryphon

Occupation: Superhero

Identity: Publicly known

Legal status: Citizen of the United States

Place of origin: United States

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: None known

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: N/A

First appearance: "All Superheroes Must Die" (2011)

History: Ben, also known by his superhero alias Gryphon, is one of the main characters in the film "All Superheroes Must Die." As Gryphon, he possesses enhanced strength, agility, and endurance, and is known for his impressive combat skills. Along with his fellow superheroes, he fights against crime and protects the city from villains.

In the film, Gryphon finds himself trapped in a deadly game orchestrated by a supervillain known as Rickshaw. He must use his powers and intelligence to navigate the challenges and save his fellow superheroes from a grim fate. Gryphon is portrayed as a courageous and determined hero, willing to do whatever it takes to defeat the villain and save the day.

Powers and abilities: Gryphon possesses superhuman strength, agility, and endurance, making him a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. He is also skilled in the use of various weapons and gadgets, as well as possessing exceptional leadership qualities.

Equipment: Gryphon is typically depicted wearing a costume with a stylized gryphon emblem, which includes a suit with enhanced protection, as well as various gadgets and tools for crime-fighting.

Weaknesses: Gryphon's primary weakness is the vulnerability of his human body, as he is not invulnerable to physical harm. He may also face challenges and obstacles that test his resolve and determination, as well as the limitations of his powers.

Notes: Gryphon is a fictional character created for the film "All Superheroes Must Die," and his depiction should not be confused with reality. The character is intended to embody the classic superhero archetype and serves as a symbol of courage and heroism in the face of adversity.

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Re: Cutthroat

Ben's code name was Cutthroat, not Gryphon

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