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5/10/2023 5:36 am  #1

Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

The Dark Forbush Man of Earth-666666666 from the main comics Earth's perspective, Earth-199999 from the MCU's perspective. Earth-Minus 616 from Earth-Ecch's perspective, and Earth-Four (emphasizing the th and the F) from the Electric Company's perspective has captured at least 3616 characters from across the Megaverse and placed them in an unknown number of locations, possibly nine. For the first two days you can fire up to 80 shots per day to rescue them as that's when more people are likely to try to find characters. After that it's unlimited. At least at first one guess per post to allow others to chime in, but if no one else seems to be playing, feel free to group guesses. You can also ask up to 30 questions a day.

Rules I'm playing by this round:
1. If a particular version of a character was played by multiple actors, only one actor is used, not always my own favourite.
2. Conversely the same actor can appear in multiple roles, even in the same continuity.
3. No characters from previous rounds, though counterparts possible (more on this below)
4. Characters originating in the show or movie are okay.
5. Invevitably some great characters are going to be missed for one reason or another.
6. As before some characters are other Earth counterparts are possible, from other characters in this collage and also from earlier collages (still more on the below).
7. Streaming service characters are okay.
8. Some characters are from commercials. Since commercials are often done in ways that if you squint you could place them in an existing continuity, I'm trying to leave out versions of characters played by TV/movie actors playing the same character.
9. Some cosplay is okay as long is it's full costume and not just a t-shirt (for commercials I'll allow the likes of people pretneding to be a character).
10. Some characters are thus from documentaries.
11. Some characters are from unauthorized movies. I've tried to avoid anything too pornographic. When in doubt I leave them out.
12. Characters from skits okay. If a show has multiple skits, mention the specific skit unless the show always has the same skit or there's been only one skit. Due to the exaggerated nature of skits, I do treat skits involving TV movie actors as separate continuities from the other shows/movies
13. Some name variations okay, on a case by case basis (e.g. if a skit has a gender swapped version of a character).
14. No one is directly from a live show, but characters in commercials for live shows are possible.
15. I usually avoid characters with no revealed names, but I've made exceptions if such a character is particularly notable.
16. To avoid the collage being diluted by too many fan film characters, no YouTube originals and the like. Everyone here reaches a minimum level of professionalism.
17. Counterparts from artificial realities are okay, so long as it's not an existing character's consciousness in the body.  It's pretty common for one character to be from the "real" world but interacting with an artificial version of someone they know.
18. Unlike with DC, trips to the past or future in the Marvel Multiverse if not Megaverse tends to involve divergent timelines.
19. While most characters were not in the 2020 collages, there's one exception: The Frost Sisters from The Gifted, previously grouped together, are now separated into individuals.
20. For possessed characters (usually from Helstrom), if the image shows them possessed, name the possessor, but name the person possessed if the image shows them in a not possessed state.
21. As always the default is the Earth the main character(s) is/are from. You may use official or unofficial reality numbers for non-default versions of characters, but descriptors are encouraged.
22. Because over half the characters in this series are MCU, don't simply put MCU as where they're from, though it doesn't have to be their first appearance as long as they were in it.
23. For groupings of characters where they are named but it's not clarified who is who, assume they are named in order of left to right,
24. Characters from deleted scenes are fine.

Making sense of Marvel Mutant movie continuity (some shows discussed seperately below):
Original continuity: X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine, X-Men: First Class, parts of X-Men: Days of Future Past
Second continuity: Most of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, parts of Deadpool 2
Most of Deadpool is in a continuity that diverges from the second continuity. Other continuities also seen.
Logan and New Mutants are self-contained.

Alternate and artificial realities (I'll include spoiler space for each in case someone hasn't seen a movie or all seasons of a show but intends to):
Agents of SHIELD:

The Framework (excludes characters with the consciousness of the original versions), a future reality seen in season 5 (one character diverges further), the divergent past seen in season 7.


Alternate realities seen in season 2 episode 6. Another divergence occurs near the end of the series.

Cloak & Dagger:

D'Spayre's false realities have courterparts (though Tanya is the original in all of them); different D'Spayre realities can have counterparts of the same character so be specific. Also Dark Dimension counterparts.


Dark Dimension counterparts, plus another artificial reality (the Healing Algorithm). A couple divergent realities seen towards the end of the series, but for some reason one visit to the past doesn't seen to cause a divergence.

Avengers: Endgame:

The various past realities are divergent


Multiple counterparts seen, particularly of Loki himself.

Spider-Man: No Way Home:

Villains from previous movies diverge from their original history but two other overworldly characters from previous movies are considered the originals.

Moon Knight:

The afterlife realm counts if the character doesn't seen to have the original's consciousness or a fragment thereof.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness:

A few additional realities seen, one in particular having a lot of screen time. Okay to use reality numbers given in the movie itself for non-MCU proper characters.

During the clue round, one of the clues will be whether non-commercial characters are part of the MCU (Yes, No, Partial). For purposes of this collage series (not just this round), a character is Partial if they're from an alternate universe from the MCU perspective (Spider-Man 2002 or Amazing Spider-Man 2012 universes weren't originally quasi-MCU so they're treated as No, but variants from Spider-Man: No Way Home are Partial); or they're from the Framwork, the Dark Dimension, a D'Spayre vision, the Healing Algorithm, Duat, or pretty much any reality seen in Loki. Since the Chronicoms originated in the main MCU reality, they're listed as Yes even if only seen in the alternate reality. Bonus shorts in MCU DVDs/Blu-rays not in the MCU proper but featuring MCU actors playing counterparts of their usual characters are also considered Partial.

Characters found so far (see also 2020 collages):
1-412: see part 1
413-842: see part 2
843-1292: see part 3
1293 Bristow, Spider-Man: Far From Home (deleted scene)
1294 Kazan, Punisher TV
1295 Bao, Thor: Love and Thunder
1296 Pestilence, X-Men Apocalypse
1297 Nate, Luke Cage
1298. Pratt, Iron Man
1299 Anansi/Paul Mackintosh, Luke Cage
1302 Vilca, Agents of SHIELD
1303 Lieutenant Welker, Howard the Duck
1304 Stephanie Miller, Luke Cage
1300. Biff (Chronicom-altered reality),  Agents of SHIELD
1301 Zuri, Black Panther
1302 Vilca, Agents of SHIELD
1303 Lieutenant Welker, Howard the Duck
1304 Stephanie Miller, Luke Cage
1305. David, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
1306 Danny Milano, Blade: The Series
1307 Laurent Lyon, Jessica Jones
1308 Grundroth, Thor
1309 Werewolf/Jack Russell, Blade Trinity
1310 Henry Poole, Legion
1311 Gor, Jessica Jones
1312. Arnim Zola, Camp Lehigh Time Heist, Avengers: Endgame
1313. Cannonball, New Mutants
1314. Volstagg actor, Thor: Ragnarok
1315 Alexander Smalls, Luke Cage
1316 Nicole, Runaways
1317 Harold Milburn, Incredible Hulk TV
1318 Captain Scott, Agents of SHIELD
1319 Nathaniel Barton, Avengers Age of Ultron
1320 Antoine Grier, Jessica Jones
1321 Paula Turner, Gifted
1322 Colonel William Stryker Jr, X-Men: Days of Futures Past
1323 Alpha Dog, Agents of SHIELD: Slingshot
1324 John, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
1325 Bride of Nine Spiders, Iron Fist
1326 Manny, Luke Cage
1327 Rick Cotton, Cloak & Dagger
1328. Janice Lincoln, Spider-Man: Far From Home
1330 Vernon Masters, Agent Carter
1332. Burleigh, Ant-Man and the Wasp
1334. Squabbles, Luke Cage
1335 Ancient One (Time Heist), Avengers: Endgame
1336 Loki, Marvel Universe Live
1337 Jimmy the Bear, Daredevil TV
1338. Mrs. Grimm, Fantastic Four 2015
1339 Anderson, Agents of SHIELD/Agents of SHIELD: Slingshot
1340 Agent Broyles, Agents of SHIELD
1341 Canelo, Agents of SHIELD
1342 General Draykov, Black Widow
1343 Sara Edwards, Fantastic Four 2005
1344 Jim Pruitt, Punisher TV
1345 Brendon, Luke Cage
1346 Dr Shaw, X2: X-Men United
1347 Leonard Kirk, Fantastic Four 2005
1348. David Owens, Iron Man
1349 Spider-Man, 3 Dev Adam
1350 Miller, Punisher TV
1351 Luther Banks, Agents of SHIELD
1352 Pock-Face, The Wolverine
1353. Sergeant Mason, Agents of SHIELD
1354 Carter Kounen, Blade II
1355 Riot, Venom
1356 Officer Gorman, Jessica Jones
1357. Kenneth, Agent Carter
1358. Emmett Dooley, Agent Carter
1359 Steve Howston, Incredible Hulk TV
1360 Marta, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
1361 Ron, Agents of SHIELD
1362 Terry Ann, Incredible Hulk TV
1363 Agent More, Agents of SHIELD
1364 Deacon Frost (in La Magra mode), Blade
1365. Hulk, SNL Weekend Update: The Hulk's Disappointing Transformation
1366 Hirish,  Agents of SHIELD
1367 Hailstrum, Thor
1368 Dee, Hawkeye
1369. Doctor Chung, Agent Carter
1370 Neville Barnwell, Luke Cage
1371 Madeline Brandt, Jessica Jones
1372 Sunil Bakshi (Framework), Agents of SHIELD
1373. Hawkeye (AvengerCon), Ms. Marvel
1374. Morris Walters, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
1375 Agent Berkley, Amazing Spider-Man 2
1376 Bedlam (Earth-41633), Deadpool 2
1377 Mark (The Quiet Room), Incredible Hulk TV
1378. Arishem the Judge, Eternals
1379 Mr Immortal, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
1380 Aito, Daredevil TV
1381 Lt Perez, Luke Cage
1382 Abrahams, X2: X-Men United
1383 Izzy Hartley, Agents of SHIELD
1384 Jimmy, Avengers Endgame
1385 Beast (Earth-41633), Deadpool 2
1386 Maston-Dar (future reality), Agents of SHIELD 
1387 Ying Nan, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
1388 Phat, X-Men Last Stand
1389 Kelly Cooley, Daredevil TV
1390 Mr Cobbwell, Spider-Man: Homecoming
1391 Jennifer Dugan, Spider-Man 3
1392. Selby, Falcon and The Winter Soldier
1393 Mouse, Luke Cage
1394 Mark, Punisher TV
1395 Elizabeth Albee,  Agents of SHIELD
1396 Marcus,  Agents of SHIELD
1397 Munin, Thor
1398 Admiral Fukyama, Legion
1399 Taweret, Moon Knight
1400 Jay Carney, Avengers
1401 Andrew Brandt, Jessica Jones
1402. Detective Prendergast, Agent Carter
1403 Baby Spider-Man, Evian commercial
1404 Dionysus (deleted scene), Thor: Love and Thunder
1405 Black Widow (Time Heist timeline), Avengers: Endgame
1406. Giorgio (deleted scene), Iron Man
1407. Alphonso Mackenzie (Chronicom-altered reality), Agents of SHIELD
1408 Dr. Torres, Jessica Jones
1409 Gail Collins, Incredible Hulk TV
1413 C Bryant, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
1414 Grace Turner, Gifted
1415 Hulk, Hulk Hands commercial 2008
1416 C-Money, Luke Cage
1417 Gedge, Blade Trinity
1418. Jimmy Grimm, Fantastic Four 2015
1419 Flora, Inhumans
1420 Makkari, Eternals
1421 Brad, Jessica Jones
1422. Nana B, Runaways
1423 Gunner,  Agents of SHIELD
1424 Baker,  Agents of SHIELD
1425 Diane Masagi, Jessica Jones
1426 Janis Jones, Luke Cage
1427 Shantel, Punisher TV
1428 Norah, Gifted
1429. Spider-Man/Ryan Christopher, SNL Weekend Update
1430 Tina, Jessica Jones
1431 Alya Fitz, Agents of SHIELD
1432 Brian Cooley, Daredevil TV
1433 Cook, Agents of SHIELD
1434 Tisha, Luke Cage
1435 Spencer Geiger, Punisher TV
1436 Beast, Red Robin spicey X-Burger commercial tied to X-Men Apocalypse.
1437 Annika Pergament, Daredevil TV
1438 Hal Fishman, Spider-Man 3
1439 Beth, Avengers
1440 Carlo, Thor Ragnarok
1441 Lincoln, Punisher 2004
1442 R. Keller, Captain Marvel
1443 Grossbach, Howard the Duck
1444 Coach Alphona, Runaways
1445 John Grey, X-Men Last Stand
1446. Ellis, Helstrom
1447 Madeline Blake, X2: X-Men United
1448 Sergei Valishnikov, Deadpool 2 before the history rewrite
1449 Noah Burstein, Luke Cage
1450 Cockroach Kombinat, Spider-Man Japan
1451. Kevin Bacon, Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
1452. Liz Allan, Spider-Man 2002
1453. Makani, Inhumans
1454 Stuart, Agents of SHIELD
1455. Famine, X-Men Apocalypse
1456 Sif actress, Thor: Ragnarok
1457. Dale, Ant-Man
1458 Joel Spurlock, Luke Cage
1459 Falligar the Behemoth, Thor: Love and Thunder
1460 Mitchell Ellison, Daredevil TV
1461 Monroe, Punisher TV
1462 Montalban, Agents of SHIELD
1463 Black Panther, Marvel Avengers Campis, Disneyland Paris
1464 Aliya Summers, Deadpool 2 (Cable's timeline)
1465 Dingo, Blade Trinity
1466 Jerome, Luke Cage
1467 Harley, Captain America 1979
1468 Melvin Ortiz, Iron Fist
1469 Soh-Larr, Captain Marvel
1470. Thor, Team Thor
1471 Gerald, Spider-Man: Far From Home
1472 Pete Boggs, Agents of SHIELD
1473 Darius Davis (Dark Dimension), Runaways
1474 June Tobey, Incredible Hulk TV
1475 Tiny,  Agents of SHIELD
1476 David Schultz, Punisher TV
1477 Sofia Rios, Iron Fist
1478 Julien Beckers, Agents of SHIELD
1479 Stu, X-Men
1480. Jane Foster (Asgard Time Heist), Avengers: Endgame
1481 Daniel Gibson, Daredevil TV
1482 Nikki Ramos, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
1483 S. Austin,  Agents of SHIELD
1484 Dopinder (Earth-41633), Deadpool 2
1485. Minerva/Athena Parthenos, Thor: Love and Thunder
1486. David, Iron Man 3
1487 Melinda May LMD, Agents of SHIELD
1488 Macon, Logan
1489 Anderson Schultz, Punisher TV
1490 Bron-Char, Captain Marvel
1491. Biff, Thor: Ragnarok
1492. Brigid O'Reilly (Tyrone Johnson Killed), Cloak & Dagger
1493. Vasil, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
1494. Captain America, SNL: Black Widow Trailer
1495 Grant Ward (Framework), Agents of SHIELD  
1496 Wolverine, X-Men Apocalypse
1497. Major Allen, Iron Man\
1498 Zach Lieberman, Punisher TV
1499 Hawkeye actor (Avengers stage show), Hawkeye
1500. Reverend Craig Sinclair, New Mutants
1501. Young Loki actor, Thor: Ragnarok
1502 Spider-Man, Got Milk commercial
1503. Sofia, Agents of SHIELD
1504 Professor X (Earth-41633), Deadpool 2
1505 Spider-Man, Conan "Spider-Man Musical" sketch
1506 Morgan Le Fay, pre-time-traveling Runaways timeline, Runaways
1507 Drea Powell, Luke Cage
1508. Carlos Cruz, Punisher: War Zone
1509. Eson the Searcher, Guardians of the Galaxy
1510 Edwards, Incredible Hulk TV
1512 Rick Ramirez, Agent Carter
1513. Kevin, Helstrom
1514 Joey Ross, Luke Cage
1515 Carl Rivers, Incredible Hulk TV
1516. Paul, Agent Carter
1517 Alexander the Great, Moon Knight
1518. Barry Hapgood, Spider-Man: Homecoming
1519. Alex Sokolov, Jessica Jones
1520 The Second, Agents of SHIELD
1521 Hulk, Sears commercial
1522 Bulldozer, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
1523 Dr Evan Declan, Inhumans
1524 Chupa, Blade II
1525 Jerome, Luke Cage
1526 Vorker, Guardians of the Galaxy
1527. Gus I, Moon Knight
1528 Brubaker, Agents of SHIELD
1529 Vance Caruthers, Cloak & Dagger
1530 Amanda Garmon, Luke Cage
1531. Gabrielle Xavier, Reality-19264, Legion
1532 Soledad Temple, Luke Cage
1533 Gabriela Lopez, Logan
1534 Tom Vincent, Incredible Hulk TV
1535 Doris Urich, Daredevil TV
1536 Marilyn Toussaint, Jessica Jones
1537 Mrs Dillon, Amazing Spider-Man 2
1538 Raymond, Spider-Man 2
1539 Seema Nadeem, Daredevil TV
1540. Marcus Mackenzie (Chronicom-altered reality), Agents of SHIELD
1541 Ingrid Mackintosh, Luke Cage
1542. Officer Gale, Ant-Man
1543 Wrestler Fighter/Great Wrestler, Spider-Man Japan
1544 Minuteman 90150, Loki
1545 Thomas Guthrie, New Mutants
1546. Green Goblin, Spider-Man Parker Brothers video game (Atari 2600) commercial
1547. Keniuchio Harada, The Wolverine
1548 Delia Robinson, Punisher TV
1549. Aloysius Samberly, Agent Carter
1550 Colin Dunbar, Luke Cage
1551 Walter Thomas, Agents of SHIELD
1552 Adrian, Jessica Jones
1553 Doug, Thor Ragnarok
1554 Doctor Isaacs, Spider-Man 2
1555 Sandman, Spider-Man: Far From Home
1556 Eric Fraser, Man-Thing
1557 Gwen McIver, Luke Cage
1558 Mad Scientist, Electric Company
1559 Parish Landman, Daredevil TV
1560. Mrs. Cavallo, Helstrom
1561 Hulk (Joe McQueen), Confessions of a Superhero
1562 Grubb, Incredible Hulk TV
1563 Beth Quinn, Punisher TV
1564 Trixie, Iron Man
1565 Officer Minelli, Daredevil TV
1566 Jeanie Nelson, Daredevil TV
1567 Rick Stoner, Agents of SHIELD, Agents of SHIELD  
1568 Richard, Venom
1569 Kingo Sunen, Eternals
1570 Pvt Lorraine, Captain America First Avenger
1571 Tanya Mills, Daredevil TV
1572. Ramirez, Iron Man
1573. Anitolov, Ant-Man and the Wasp
1574. Elihas Starr, Ant-Man & Wasp
1575 Tracy Smith, Agents of SHIELD
1576 Anglerfish Pato/Monkfish, Spider-Man Japan
1577 Ruihua Chen, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
1578. Lopes, Luke Cage
1579 Hugh Jones, Agent Carter
1580. Otto Mink, Agent Carter
1581 Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man 2 "Amazing Delivery" USPS Commercial 2014
1582 Tom Belkin, Daredevil TV
1583 Dr. Edgar Lawrence, Helstrom
1584 David Karuta, Jessica Jones
1585 Susanna, Daredevil TV
1586 Bender, Howard the Duck
1587 Hayley, Punisher TV
1588. Demon Bear, New Mutants
1589. Ash, Jessica Jones
1590 Taylor, Blade: The Series
1591. Monica Warren, Spider-Man: Homecoming
1592. Angel, X-Men Apocalypse
1593 Seer, Elena Rodriguez of the Destroyed Earth timeline
1594 Ninny of the Nonny, Thor: Love and Thunder
1595 Pryce Cheng, Jessica Jones
1596. Paul, Ms. Marvel
1597 Troy, Amazing Spider-Man 2012
1598 Bianchi, Agents of SHIELD
1599 Jemma Simmons (Framework)
1600 Firestar, Yummy TV Awards
1601. radioactive spider, Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
1602 Chief C. Wellins,  Agents of SHIELD
1603 Detective James Connors, Tyrone's perfect life, Cloak & Dagger
1604 Dr Michael Morbius, Morbius
1605 Asad, Blade II
1606 Pallantine, Blade
1607 Scut, Punisher TV
1608. Larry, Howard the Duck
1609 Toad,  X-Men: Days of Future Past
1610 Gilgamesh, Eternals
1611 Hammerhead, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Commercial
1612. Anton Vanko, Iron Man 2
1613 Shirin, Ms Marvel
1614 Tobias Ford, Agents of SHIELD
1615. Eternity, Thor: Love and Thunder
1616 Hunter H-98, Loki
1617 Val Mayerik, Man-Thing
1618 Yu Huang/Jademurai God, Thor: Love and Thunder
1619. Nurse Billy, Doctor Strange
1620 Shark, Runaways
1621 Black Widow/Melina Vostokoff, Black Widow
1622 Kourtney, Jessica Jones
1623 Sylvie Laufeydottir, Loki
1624 Stan, Iron Fist
1625 Rafe,  Daredevil TV
1626 Lewis Donate, Venom
1627 Quinn, Daredevil TV
1628 General Slocum, Spider-Man 2002
1629 EJ (deleted scenes), Iron Man 3
1630 Peng,  Agents of SHIELD
1631. Kiki, Luke Cage
1632. Billy Connors, Amazing Spider-Man (2012) (deleted scene)
1633 Yori Nakajima, Falcon and the Winter Soldier
1634. Owais, Ms. Marvel
1635 Travis Hudson, X-Men Origins Wolverine
1636 Delicia, Iron Fist
1637 Joseph Pike,  Daredevil TV
1638. Zachary Cooper, Spider-Man: Far From Home
1639 The Don, Captain Marvel
1640. Livvie, Runaways
1641 Anon,  Agents of SHIELD
1642 Joe, Agents of SHIELD
1643 Samuel Chung, Iron Fist
1644 Hawkeye/Kate Bishop, Hawkeye
1645 Dr Patel, Dr Strange
1646 Francine, Jessica Jones
1647. Ronda Kramer, Spider-Man: Homecoming
1648 Mrs Lieberman, Punisher War Zone
1649 Fredo Diaz, Luke Cage
1650 Billy Maximoff, WandaVision
1651 Officer Zarolinski, Daredevil TV
1652 Mrs Gordlock, Punisher War Zone
1653. Zylak, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
1654 Stewart Finney, Daredevil TV
1655 Rick Stoner, history changed by Chronicoms, Agents of SHIELD
1656 Edison Po, Agents of SHIELD
1657 Joseph Weber, Agents of SHIELD
1658 Invisible Woman, Fantastic Four Burger King Kids Meal & Green Icee commercial
1659 Corinne Wan, Venom
1660. Roeder, Captain Amreica: The First Avenger
1661 Alva Ramirez, Jessica Jones
1662. Philip Watson, 2002 Spider-Man
1663 Norman Osborn, Amazing Spider-Man 2012
1664 Steve Scott, Thor Dark World
1665 Henry Welsh, Incredible Hulk TV
1666 Fariha, Ms Marvel
1667 Leo Lieberman, Punisher TV
1668 Simon Stacy, Amazing Spider-Man 2012
1669 Vido Arocho, Jessica Jones
1670, Nana, Cloak & Dagger
1671 Dr Arthur Harrow (Duat), Moon Knight
1672 Cornelius P Willows, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
1673. Pascal Vega (Chronicom-altered timeline), Agents of SHIELD
1674 Side-Eyes, Gifted
1675 Saffiotti, Punisher War Zone
1676 Vin-Tak,  Agents of SHIELD
1677 Candice Lee, Agents of SHIELD
1678 Bar Monkey, Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King
1679 USAgent/John Walker, Falcon and The Winter Soldier
1680 Joshua Lambert, Incredible Hulk Returns
1681 John Pope, Luke Cage
1682. Diaz, Agents of SHIELD
1683 Topher Vasquez, Runaways
1684 Hulk, Mountain Dew commercial
1685 Pulsus, Inhumans
1686 General Pritchet, Iron Man 3
1687 John Tobey, Incredible Hulk TV
1688 Aaron James, Defenders
1689 Ms Tezuka, Runaways
1690. Hulk, Nike "Winner Stays" commercial
1691. John, Thor: The Dark World
1692 D'Spayre/Andre Deschane, Cloak & Dagger
1693 Queen Bee, Electric Company/Spidey Super Stories
1694. Captain America, Walmart - Sibling Rivalry
1695 Angie, Jessica Jones
1696. Joan Rivers, Iron Man 3
1697. Josie, Daredevil movie
1698 Luca Russo, Agents of SHIELD
1699 Walter, Runaways
1700 Jorge, Amazing Spider-Man 2
1701. Harrison Carter, Agent Carter
1702 Chancellor Hui, Shang-Chi
1703 Ghostface Killah, Iron Man (deleted scene) and Luke Cage
1704 Grotto / Elliot Grote, Daredevil TV
1705. Black Widow (Yelena Belova), Black Widow, Hawkeye
1706 Lauren Sanchez, Fantastic Four 2005
1707 Amit, Agents of SHIELD
1708 Leather Coat, Iron Fist
1709 Clive, Punisher TV
1710 Ariel, Amazing Spider-Man 2012
1711 Jack Hollinger, Incredible Hulk TV
1712 Toma Nikasevic,  Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
1713 Adina Johnson, Cloak & Dagger
1714 Chase, Moon Knight
1715 Cindy, Agents of SHIELD
1716 Latimer Zyl, Daredevil TV
1717 Brett Mahoney, Daredevil TV
1718 Wallow, Ghost Rider
1719 Tweaky, Jessica Jones
1720. Senator Gibson, Iron Man 2
1721 Natalia Polozneva, Punisher TV
1722. Nameless One, Dr. Strange tv movie
1723 Alpha, Moon Knight
1724 Cameron Klein/Hank Thompson, Agents of SHIELD
1725 Tua, Inhumans
1726 Emma Marko, Spider-Man 3
1727. Dr. Jason Wilkes, Agent Carter
1728 Grace, Thor:  Love and Thunder
1729. Fyodor, Agent Carter
1730 Mr Belvedere, Venom
1731 Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2
1732 Iron Man (2012/Time Heist), Avengers: Endgame
1733. Officer Pike, Agent Carter
1734 Hunter K-5E, Loki
1735 Sergei Valishnikov, Deadpool 2 end credits history rewrite
1736 Detective Flores, Runaways
1737 Iron Man, Got Milk commercial
1738 Kortolbookalia, Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
1739 William Hart, Luke Cage
1740. Thelma Crawford, Agent Carter
1741 Harley Keener, Iron Man 3
1742 DeeDee, Falcon and the Winter Soldier
1743 Xu Xialing, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
1744 Carla Russo, Punisher TV
1745 Monsieur Flambé, Cloak & Dagger
1746 Marina, Jessica Jones
1747 Mikayla Bell (Andre Deschaine's Torture vision), Cloak and Dagger
1748 Loki (designated both L1247 and L6792 before both are reused), Loki

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5/10/2023 5:36 am  #2

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

Bonus shots carried over from previous rounds: Loki 126, zuckyd1 50.

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5/10/2023 5:44 am  #3

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1301 Zuri, Black Panther


5/10/2023 5:45 am  #4

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1349 Spider-Man, 3 Dev Adam


5/10/2023 5:46 am  #5

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1295 Bao, Love and Thunder


5/10/2023 5:47 am  #6

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1309 Jack Russell, Blade Trinity


5/10/2023 5:48 am  #7

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1359 Ancient One (Time Heist), Endgame


5/10/2023 5:51 am  #8

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1364 Deacon Frost (in La Magra mode), Blade


5/10/2023 5:52 am  #9

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1385 Beast, Deadpool 2


5/10/2023 5:53 am  #10

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1379 Mr Immortal, She-Hulk


5/10/2023 5:55 am  #11

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1355 Riot, Venom


5/10/2023 5:56 am  #12

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1388 Phat, X-Men Last Stand


5/10/2023 5:57 am  #13

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1376 Bedlam, Deadpool 2


5/10/2023 5:57 am  #14

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1399 Taweret, Moon Knight


5/10/2023 5:58 am  #15

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1404 Dionysus, Love and Thunder


5/10/2023 5:59 am  #16

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1420 Makkari, Eternals


5/10/2023 6:00 am  #17

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1496 Wolverine, X-Men Apocalypse


5/10/2023 6:02 am  #18

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1567 Rick Stoner, AoS


5/10/2023 6:03 am  #19

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1570 Lorraine, Captain America First Avenger


5/10/2023 6:03 am  #20

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1569 Kingo Sunen, Eternals


5/10/2023 6:04 am  #21

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1594 Ninny of the Nonny, Love and Thunder


5/10/2023 6:05 am  #22

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1604 Morbius, Morbius


5/10/2023 6:06 am  #23

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1605 Asad, Blade 2


5/10/2023 6:07 am  #24

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1609 Toad, DoFP


5/10/2023 6:08 am  #25

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1579 Hugh Jones, Agent Carter


5/10/2023 6:08 am  #26

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1606 Pallantine, Blade


5/10/2023 6:09 am  #27

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1610 Gilgamesh, Eternals


5/10/2023 6:10 am  #28

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1644 Kate Bishop, Hawkeye


5/10/2023 6:12 am  #29

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1665 Henry Welsh, Hulk


5/10/2023 6:12 am  #30

Re: Gotta Catch 'em All Challenge #59 Marvel Live Update 2022-2023 4 of 9?

1655 Rick Stoner, history changed by Chronicoms, AoS


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