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5/29/2023 12:50 am  #1

Marvel, Hasbro Make Deal to Release Rom & Micronauts Omnibi in 2024



So, these announcements were made within the last seven days, but I've only just learned about them within the last ten minutes, in case anybody else here is interested.

I had hoped that when Marvel had re-acquired the license to Conan that we might finally see an Official Handbook entry for Conan that incorporated the Marvel material from the first time they had the Conan license as well as the-then new efforts to more fully-incorporate him into the 616 continuity (Savage Avengers, etc.), but not only did that not happen, the new license expired.  However, even when Marvel still didn't have the licenses for either Rom or the Micronauts, we still got to see entries for characters introduced in those respective books that were Marvel-originated or owned (Hybrid, Torpedo [and his legacy, Turbo], Spaceknights, Marionette, Bug, Arcturus Rann, just to name a few).  Who knows, maybe we might get to see new entries on other characters introduced in those long-ago ROM and MICRONAUTS series someday.  (I know, an EXTREMELY long shot, but we can dream, right?)

One question:  Does Marvel actually own the Dire Wraiths, or just a version of the Dire Wraiths?

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5/29/2023 4:53 am  #2

Re: Marvel, Hasbro Make Deal to Release Rom & Micronauts Omnibi in 2024

Yes, heard about this a little ahead of the public announcement - only a little mind, a couple of days perhaps. Nothing new planned afaik, not even handbook stuff, just reprints of the existing material. Which is still pretty great imho. In terms of handbook stuff, I wrote most (maybe all, I can't recall without checking) of the Rom related entries - certainly Spaceknights, Hybrid and Torpedo, as well as Dire Wraiths. At the time it certainly seemed that Marvel owned the latter, but since IDW started using them clearly something is up there; I think the discovery of a TV advert for the Rom toy predating the comics that mentioned the shapeshifting Dire Wraiths gave IDW the in to use them, but that's not informed by any insider info, merely personal supposition. And I also suspect that ironically the advert only mentions the Dire Wraiths because while the comic hadn't come out yet Bill Mantlo had already come up with the concepts and that one leaked back to the adverts, because afaik there's literally no mention of them anywhere else in any adverts related to the toys, or with the toy packaging. So, and again this is my supposition, not any insider knowledge/official Marvel position, I suspect Marvel owns the specific version of the Wraiths seen in the comics, but any Rom licensee can use shapeshifting Dire Wraiths, so long as they have different origins and natural forms.


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