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8/31/2023 7:30 pm  #1

Stanley Tweedle

Real Name: Stanley Tweedle
Aliases: Captain Tweedle, Stan
Identity: Public
Occupation: Formerly a Low-Level Security Guard, Later a Captain of the Lexx
Citizenship: Ostral-B
Place of Birth: B3K, Cluster 13
Known Relatives: Unnamed Parents
Group Affiliation: The Crew of the Lexx
Education: Limited Formal Education, On-the-Job Training
First Appearance: Lexx: I Worship His Shadow (1997)
History: Born on the planet B3K in Cluster 13, Stanley Tweedle started his career as a low-level security guard for the League of 20,000 Planets. Often cowardly and inept, he found himself in bizarre and dangerous situations due to his association with the Lexx, a bioengineered planet-destroying spacecraft.

Stanley's life took a dramatic turn when he stole the Lexx, becoming its accidental captain. Initially driven by self-preservation, he grew into his role over time, developing unexpected leadership qualities. Despite his flaws, Stanley formed deep connections with his fellow crew members, including Zev/Xev, Kai, and 790.

His loyalty to his friends, as well as his genuine desire to do what's right, frequently clashed with his cowardice and self-interest. These contradictions added depth to his character as he navigated the cosmos aboard the Lexx, encountering a myriad of strange and dangerous worlds and beings.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald
Abilities: Stanley possesses no exceptional physical abilities or combat skills. However, he is resourceful in his own way, often using his wit and cunning to solve problems. He can pilot the Lexx to some extent, thanks to on-the-job experience, but his lack of formal training occasionally leads to comedic mishaps.

Accessories: As the captain of the Lexx, Stanley has access to the immense power of the ship itself. The Lexx's primary weapon is a powerful planet-destroying beam. The ship also houses various chambers and compartments, some of which provide the crew with life-sustaining resources and defensive capabilities.

Notable Appearances:

    Lexx: I Worship His Shadow (1997) - TV Series
    Lexx: The Dark Zone (2002) - TV Movie

Stanley Tweedle's journey aboard the Lexx is marked by personal growth, unexpected heroism, and a constant struggle to reconcile his self-preservation instincts with his moral compass. His humorous interactions with the ship's AI, 790, and his complicated relationships with his crewmates contribute to the unique charm of his character. Despite his flaws, Stanley's presence aboard the Lexx adds a touch of humanity to the surreal and often surrealistic universe of the show.

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