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Real Name: Casper McFadden
Aliases: The Friendly Ghost, Cas
Identity: Public
Occupation: Ghost, Friendly Companion
Citizenship: Deceased (formerly American)
Place of Birth: Deedstown, USA
Known Relatives: Mr. and Mrs. McFadden (Deceased Parents), Stretch (Uncle), Fatso (Uncle), Stinkie (Uncle), Wendy (Witch Aunt), Spooky (Cousin)
Group Affiliation: None
Education: Limited Formal Education (ceased attending after death)
First Appearance: The Friendly Ghost (1945) - Cartoon
History: Casper McFadden, affectionately known as Casper the Friendly Ghost, is a gentle and good-hearted spirit who, despite his ghostly appearance, longs for friendship and companionship. He first appeared in the cartoon "The Friendly Ghost" in 1945 and quickly became an iconic and beloved character.

Casper's story centers on his desire to make friends and be accepted by the living. His efforts to befriend humans often lead to comedic and heartwarming encounters, as people initially react with fear but eventually realize his friendly nature. Casper's adventures sometimes involve interactions with other supernatural beings, including his mischievous uncles and his friendly witch aunt, Wendy.

Over the years, Casper's character has been featured in various animated series, comics, and movies, always emphasizing his kind-heartedness and his wish for acceptance.

Height: Approximately 3'0"
Weight: Insubstantial (as a ghost)
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Abilities: As a ghost, Casper possesses the typical abilities associated with spirits. He can become invisible, fly, and pass through solid objects. However, his most defining trait is his friendly and compassionate personality, which often touches the hearts of those he encounters.

Accessories: Casper does not typically use accessories, as his character relies more on his personality and interactions.

Notable Appearances:

    The Friendly Ghost (1945) - Cartoon
    Various Casper the Friendly Ghost Animated Series and Comics

Casper the Friendly Ghost's enduring popularity can be attributed to his universal themes of friendship, acceptance, and the belief that kindness transcends appearances. His character continues to be a beloved and endearing figure for audiences of all ages.

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