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9/01/2023 8:52 am  #1

Hot Stuff

Real Name: Hot Stuff
Aliases: None
Identity: Public
Occupation: Devil-in-Training, Firefighter
Citizenship: Unspecified
Place of Birth: The Devil's Realm
Known Relatives: Satan (Uncle), Ignatius "Ignatz" (Cousin), Toasty (Cousin), Scorchy (Cousin), Blaze (Cousin), Spicy (Cousin), Ember (Cousin), Sizzles (Cousin), Singe (Cousin), Smokey (Cousin), Incy (Cousin)
Group Affiliation: None
Education: Devil-in-Training Academy
First Appearance: Hot Stuff the Little Devil (1957) - Comic Book
History: Hot Stuff, also known as Hot Stuff the Little Devil, is a mischievous and friendly young demon from the Devil's Realm. He first appeared in his own comic book series in 1957, published by Harvey Comics. Hot Stuff is characterized by his small size, red coloration, and his habit of wearing only a diaper.

Unlike the typical depictions of devils, Hot Stuff is a well-intentioned troublemaker who often finds himself in humorous situations as he explores the human world. His adventures often involve his attempts to understand and interact with humans, despite his inherently fiery and mischievous nature.

Hot Stuff is known for his ability to control fire and his trademark trident, which he uses for various magical purposes. His adventures typically revolve around his curiosity, his desire to help others, and his frequent encounters with other supernatural beings.

Height: Approximately 2'0"
Weight: Unspecified (Lightweight due to small size)
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Abilities: Hot Stuff has the ability to generate and control fire. He can create flames for various purposes, such as flying, cooking, and warming objects. His trident aids him in casting spells and performing magical feats. Despite his playful nature, he has demonstrated a sense of responsibility and uses his powers to help others.

Accessories: Hot Stuff is often seen carrying his magical trident, which assists him in casting spells and controlling fire. He occasionally wears a diaper-like garment.

Notable Appearances:

    Hot Stuff the Little Devil (1957) - Comic Book Series
    Various Harvey Comics Publications

Hot Stuff's character appeals to readers of all ages with its combination of humor, fantasy, and the unexpected kindness of a little devil. His adventures encourage readers to look beyond appearances and stereotypes to discover the warmth and goodwill within.

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