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9/01/2023 10:17 am  #1

Whizzer (MCU)

Real Name: Robert L. Frank
Aliases: Whizzer
Identity: Public
Occupation: Superhero (formerly), Scientist (formerly)
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Unspecified
Known Relatives: Unrevealed
Group Affiliation: Invaders (formerly)
Education: Unspecified
First Appearance: WandaVision (2021) - TV Series
History: Robert L. Frank, known as Whizzer, is a character introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) through the TV series WandaVision. In the series, he appears as a citizen of the town of Westview, which is under the influence of Wanda Maximoff's reality-altering powers. His true identity and history are initially obscured, but he later reveals his superhero persona, Whizzer.

Whizzer is depicted as a speedster with the ability to move at superhuman speeds, similar to the comic book character of the same name. In the MCU, his powers are utilized by Wanda Maximoff to play a role in the sitcom-style reality created within Westview.

The character's history and backstory are not extensively explored in WandaVision, and his appearances in the series primarily revolve around his involvement in the fabricated reality.

Height: Unspecified
Weight: Unspecified
Eyes: Unspecified
Hair: Unspecified
Abilities: Whizzer possesses superhuman speed, allowing him to move at velocities beyond the capabilities of ordinary humans. This ability enables him to perform feats such as running at incredibly fast speeds and reacting quickly to events.

Accessories: Whizzer's costume is designed in a retro-style superhero fashion, featuring a distinctive red and yellow ensemble with a lightning bolt emblem. His costume is reminiscent of classic comic book superhero attire.

Notable Appearances:

    WandaVision (2021) - TV Series

Whizzer's character in WandaVision serves as a nod to classic comic book superheroes and their appearances in sitcom-style television. While his backstory is not extensively explored in the series, his role contributes to the show's blend of mystery, humor, and nostalgia, which are central elements of the narrative.

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9/01/2023 10:18 am  #2

Re: Whizzer (MCU)

This Whizzer was Robert Coleman, a minor character who appeared on Jessica Jones. He was not part of any hero team.

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