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Real Name: Rubber
Aliases: Robert
Identity: Public
Occupation: Sentient Tire, Serial Killer
Citizenship: None (Sentient Object)
Place of "Birth": Unclear (Manufactured)
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Education: None
First Appearance: Rubber (2010) - Film
History: Rubber, also known as Robert, is the unusual and enigmatic antagonist of the surreal horror-comedy film Rubber, released in 2010. Rubber is not a human character but a sentient tire with telekinetic powers and homicidal tendencies.

The film's narrative revolves around Rubber's journey as it gains consciousness and embarks on a murderous rampage across the California desert. Using its telekinetic abilities, Rubber has the power to cause objects and people to explode, leading to a series of bizarre and deadly incidents.

While Rubber's origin and motivations are not explicitly explained in the film, it is portrayed as a bizarre and malevolent entity, seemingly driven by a desire to cause destruction. The film explores themes of absurdity, the nature of storytelling, and the blurred line between reality and fiction.

Height: Approximately 2'0" (as a tire)
Weight: Unspecified (as a tire)
Eyes: None (inanimate object)
Hair: None (inanimate object)
Abilities: Rubber possesses telekinetic powers that allow it to make objects and people explode at will. These abilities are a central element of the film's surreal and absurd premise, as Rubber goes on a killing spree using its paranormal powers.

Accessories: Rubber's appearance consists of a standard black rubber tire, which serves as its primary "accessory."

Notable Appearances:

    Rubber (2010) - Film

Rubber's character in the film Rubber is known for its unconventional and absurd nature, as well as its unique blend of horror, comedy, and surrealism. The character challenges traditional storytelling conventions and expectations, resulting in a film that defies categorization and invites viewers to ponder the meaning and absurdity of the events depicted.

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