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9/28/2023 7:32 am  #1

John Abar

[NOTE: See Hooded Justice in the DC section for my first attempt at a John Abar profile]

 Second attempt:
I apologize for the confusion earlier. Here is a profile for John Abar, also known as "Abar: Black Superman," based on the character from the film:

Real Name: John Abar
Aliases: Abar: Black Superman
Identity: Public
Occupation: Activist, Vigilante
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Unspecified
Known Relatives: Unrevealed
Group Affiliation: None
Education: Unspecified
First Appearance: Abar: The First Black Superman (1977) - Film
History: John Abar, known as "Abar: Black Superman," is a character from the 1977 film Abar: The First Black Superman. The film is a blaxploitation and superhero hybrid that addresses themes of racism and social injustice.

In the film, John Abar becomes a vigilante known as "Black Superman" after witnessing racial discrimination, violence, and corruption in his community. He dons a costume and uses his newfound abilities to combat crime and injustice. The character's name "Black Superman" reflects his aspiration to be a symbol of hope and resistance for his community.

"Abar: Black Superman" engages in a series of confrontations with both criminals and corrupt authorities, seeking to make a positive change in his neighborhood. His actions are fueled by a desire to protect his family and community from the oppression they face.

The film's portrayal of Abar as a grassroots superhero addresses societal issues of the time, emphasizing the importance of taking a stand against racism and inequality.

Height: Unspecified
Weight: Unspecified
Eyes: Unspecified
Hair: Unspecified
Abilities: In the context of the film, Abar possesses no superhuman abilities or powers. Instead, he relies on his determination, resourcefulness, and physical abilities to confront and combat crime and injustice.

Accessories: Abar's costume in the film consists of a cape, mask, and a shirt with the emblem "BS" (Black Superman) on it. His costume serves as a symbol of his identity as a vigilante.

Notable Appearances:

    Abar: The First Black Superman (1977) - Film

John Abar, as "Abar: Black Superman," represents a unique and culturally significant character in the context of blaxploitation cinema. His character reflects the desire for empowerment and social change during the era in which the film was produced, addressing important issues related to racial inequality and discrimination.

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9/28/2023 7:35 am  #2

Re: John Abar

John Abar wore no costume. He gained various mind related powers late in the movie, including the ability to read minds and teleports objects, including animals. He doesn't have a family in the movie but the scientist who gave him his powers does.

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