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10/17/2023 8:18 am  #1


Real Name: Platinum (also known as Tina)
Aliases: The Metal Woman, Tina Platinum
Identity: Public
Occupation: Superhero, Scientist
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Unspecified
Known Relatives: Dr. William "Doc" Magnus (Creator, Father Figure)
Group Affiliation: The Metal Men
Education: Advanced Degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
First Appearance: Showcase Vol. 1 #37 (1962) - Comic Book
History: Platinum, often referred to as Tina, is a fictional character and a member of the Metal Men, a team of robots with highly advanced artificial intelligence and the ability to transform their bodies into various metals. Created by scientist Dr. William "Doc" Magnus, Platinum is one of the most prominent and enduring members of the team.

Platinum possesses the unique ability to transform her metallic body into any shape or form, granting her incredible flexibility and adaptability. She can stretch, change her density, and reshape her limbs and body, making her a versatile superhero capable of various feats.

Tina is not just a superhero but also a scientist with a deep understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence. She often provides valuable insights and strategies during the Metal Men's adventures. Despite being an artificial being, she exhibits human-like emotions and a strong sense of loyalty and camaraderie toward her fellow team members.

Throughout her appearances in DC Comics, Platinum and the Metal Men have faced numerous challenges, often battling other robots, rogue artificial intelligences, and supervillains. Despite the risks, Tina remains committed to protecting humanity and proving that robots can possess empathy, bravery, and a strong moral compass.

Height: Variable (can stretch her body to great lengths)
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Variable (usually depicted as blue)
Abilities: Platinum can alter her metallic body into any shape or form, granting her superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to stretch, elongate, or reshape her body at will. She possesses a high level of intelligence, particularly in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. Platinum is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and often uses her versatile abilities creatively in battle.

Accessories: Platinum does not carry any specific accessories, as her ability to transform her body eliminates the need for external tools or equipment.

Notable Appearances:

    Showcase Vol. 1 #37 (1962) - Comic Book (First Appearance)
    The Metal Men (1963-1978, various series) - Comic Book Series
    Justice League (Various Series) - Comic Book Appearances

Platinum, with her remarkable abilities and complex character, continues to be a beloved member of the DC Comics universe, embodying the potential and humanity of artificial intelligence in the realm of superheroes.

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Re: Platinum

While intelligent, I don't think she has a formal education (there was a mini-series where the Metal Men were revealed to be human but I don't think that stayed canon). It's also worth noting that while Doc Magnus was her creator, she clearly has a romantic interest in him.

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