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Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Original Movie Version)

Real Name: Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Aliases: Number One, Herr Doktor
Identity: Public (as a legitimate businessman), Secret (as a criminal mastermind)
Occupation: Head of SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion), Legitimate Businessman (Cover)
Citizenship: Unknown (implied to be German or Austrian)
Place of Birth: Unspecified
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: SPECTRE
Education: Unspecified
First Appearance: From Russia with Love (1963) - Film
History: Ernst Stavro Blofeld is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the original James Bond film series produced by EON Productions. He first appeared in the film From Russia with Love (1963), portrayed by Anthony Dawson but voiced by Eric Pohlmann. Blofeld subsequently appeared in several Bond films as the head of the global criminal organization SPECTRE.Blofeld is a mysterious and enigmatic figure, often seen stroking a white cat, a visual trope that became iconic in Bond lore. He is a master strategist and manipulator, overseeing various nefarious schemes and global acts of terrorism through SPECTRE. Blofeld is known for his cold demeanor, intellectual prowess, and ruthless pursuit of power and wealth.Throughout the original Bond series, Blofeld is portrayed by different actors, including Donald Pleasence (You Only Live Twice, 1967), Telly Savalas (On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969), and Charles Gray (Diamonds Are Forever, 1971). The character's face is typically obscured, adding an element of mystery to his persona.Blofeld's schemes often involve extortion, political manipulation, and world domination. He is responsible for orchestrating various threats against the world, putting him in direct conflict with MI6 and its top agent, James Bond. Despite Bond's efforts, Blofeld remains a recurring and formidable adversary.
Height: Varies (due to different actors portraying the character)
Weight: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Hair: Varies
Abilities: Blofeld does not possess physical superhuman abilities. However, he is a highly intelligent and cunning mastermind with expertise in strategy, organization, and manipulation. He often employs advanced technology and has a network of skilled operatives at his disposal.
Accessories: Blofeld is often seen with his trademark white Persian cat, a symbol of his sophistication and cruelty. Additionally, he may use various technological devices and hideouts as part of his criminal enterprises.
Notable Appearances:

  • From Russia with Love (1963)
  • Thunderball (1965)
  • You Only Live Twice (1967)
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
  • Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is an iconic and enduring figure in the James Bond film series, representing the quintessential Bond villain. His character has left a lasting impact on popular culture, influencing subsequent depictions of villains in spy and action genres.

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