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David Brent

Real Name: David Brent
Aliases: None
Identity: Public
Occupation: Former Manager, Sales Representative, Entertainer
Citizenship: British
Place of Birth: Slough, England
Known Relatives: Unrevealed
Group Affiliation: Formerly Wernham Hogg Paper Company
Education: High School
First Appearance: The Office (UK) - Television
History: David Brent is a well-meaning but often clueless middle manager who gained notoriety for his role at the Wernham Hogg Paper Company in Slough, England. Known for his awkward attempts at humor, frequent self-aggrandizement, and tendency to put his foot in his mouth, David's management style often left much to be desired.Despite his shortcomings as a manager, David Brent had aspirations of being a successful entertainer, often incorporating music and comedy into his work life. However, his attempts to impress his employees usually resulted in cringe-worthy moments rather than admiration.David's tenure at Wernham Hogg was marked by numerous faux pas and embarrassing incidents, much to the amusement of his colleagues and the frustration of his superiors. Despite his flaws, David occasionally showed moments of vulnerability and sincerity, hinting at a more complex character beneath his outward bravado.Following the conclusion of The Office series, David's fate remained uncertain, leaving fans to speculate about his future endeavors and whether he ever achieved his dreams of entertainment success.
Height: Approximately 5'9"
Weight: Approximately 170 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, receding
Abilities: David Brent possesses average managerial skills, though his lack of self-awareness and tendency to prioritize his own ego over the needs of his team often hindered his effectiveness as a leader. He also has a passion for music and comedy, though his talents in these areas are debatable.
Accessories: David Brent's attire typically consists of business casual clothing appropriate for a mid-level manager, such as collared shirts and slacks. He may occasionally be seen with a guitar, microphone, or other props related to his attempts at entertainment.
Notable Appearances:

  • The Office (UK) - Television


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