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Real Name: Fido
Aliases: None
Identity: Public
Occupation: Pet, Companion
Citizenship: Canadian
Place of Birth: ZomCom Corporation Laboratory
Known Relatives: Unrevealed
Group Affiliation: None
Education: Basic Training (ZomCom Corporation)
First Appearance: Fido (2006) - Film
History: Fido is a domesticated zombie who serves as a pet and companion to the Robinson family in the alternate retro-futuristic universe depicted in the film Fido. Created by the ZomCom Corporation as part of their efforts to control and domesticate the zombie population, Fido is a docile and loyal undead creature who has been trained to perform basic tasks and follow commands.Despite his undead nature, Fido forms a close bond with the Robinson family, particularly their young son Timmy, who sees Fido as a beloved pet rather than a dangerous zombie. Under the guidance of Timmy and his father, Fido learns to adapt to life in suburbia and becomes an integral part of the family unit.However, tensions arise when Fido's collar malfunctions, causing him to temporarily revert to his feral instincts and endangering the Robinsons and their neighbors. Despite the challenges they face, the Robinsons ultimately stand by Fido, realizing that he is more than just a mindless zombie and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.Fido's story serves as a commentary on social issues such as prejudice and discrimination, exploring themes of acceptance and empathy in a world where the lines between the living and the undead are blurred.
Height: Approximately 6 feet (varies due to posture)
Weight: Approximately 150 lbs
Eyes: Cloudy (due to zombification)
Hair: None
Abilities: As a domesticated zombie, Fido possesses enhanced strength and resilience compared to a living human. He is capable of performing basic tasks and following simple commands, though his intelligence and motor skills are limited compared to a living creature.
Accessories: Fido is typically seen wearing a specialized control collar provided by the ZomCom Corporation, which helps to suppress his violent urges and regulate his behavior. He may also be seen carrying various household items or tools, depending on the tasks he is assigned to perform.
Notable Appearances:

  • Fido (2006) - Film

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