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10/30/2020 1:32 pm  #1

Homage Covers Rules

Here's what I envision in each sub-forum. The first post will be a cover that's been homaged at least once, preferably multiple times. Then in subsequent posts, post a different homage to the first cover. If a particular cover proves not to be the original, it should be replaced, with the original taking its place, though of course it can still appear as an homage itself. See Action #1 thread for what I'm getting at.

The homage doesn't have to be the cover of a periodical but does have to be in print (I'll scan in a nice New Teen Titans #1 homage from inside the latest Back Issue shortly unless someone beats me to it). No amateur electronic stuff.

Parody covers are fine as long as the original cover is obvious.

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10/30/2020 3:18 pm  #2

Re: Homage Covers Rules

If it's not clear from the image itself could people add in the print sources of the cover please? Sometimes it's obvious but other times it's not as clear.

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